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  1. I couldn't get over the fact that DOC is gone, where's he gone off to?
  2. I'd appreciate a little update before hopping into the game. The last time I played they just did the big graphics overhaul but the majority of the game was still spent either shooting at enemy spawns or trying desperately to run out of your spawn while getting shot at. Any changes?
  3. This will be the same in every game you play. Atleast until ray-tracing or some other parallel game loop becomes standard. Of course a 3.7ghz core will beat a 2.3ghz core. The secondary cores in any game might help a tiny bit by running sound, physics or background loading but compared to the main game loop that can all be run on one equivalent core. High speed dual-core will beat lower speed quad-core in games for several years yet.
  4. I believe the next batch of graphics cards (actual new architecture) are coming out at the end of the summer. Depending on your current graphics card you could get the rest of your system and stick with the same graphics card then get one of the new ones or one of the older ones (295/4870) a lot cheaper.
  5. Get a DVI cable, you should have got one with the monitor. Check it's old box.
  6. Try using GetRight to download the file.
  7. for this game you cant go wrong with the newer 260s from nvidia. For most other games id say Atis 4870 1gb. Not sure why CRS dont like Ati, maybe they are used to testing on nvidia rigs more or they just remember what they used to be like but for the last 2 years their driver support has been excellent and regular every month.
  8. Try mapping a controller button and not the axes to make sure the game sees it. When mapping an axes you need to click on the left hand part and not on the + or - part. + and - are for buttons and wont register the axis.
  9. C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\My Games\Battleground Europe ?
  10. It should pick it up in game. Try mapping just a button first and see if it picks that up. Have you had a look at the cfml files in: C:\Program Files\CRS\Battleground Europe\Data\cfml ?
  11. If there's one problem with CRS it's that they don't take problems like this seriously. A significant amount (by which I mean more then 4 or 5) of players are getting this problem. Their priority should be fixing any large problems like this *before* adding new stuff or finishing their china patch. Someone has to teach them how to retain players, pissing off a good chunk of the playerbase with rubbish like this that still isn't fixed a month or two on is bullsh*t.
  12. checked in offline mode, worked fine. They must be screwing something up on their side as it worked fine for me yesterday. I missed out on the attacks today because of this. The best I could do was log into unified TS and listen in for a while.
  13. Ah.. everyone seems to be having a different variation of this bug. Some of us are unlucky enough to have it be terminal. Mine freezes just after I pick persona. It works fine in offline mode and was working fine yesterday. They must be buggering something up on their side.
  14. Look at the thread two posts down!