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  1. Couldn’t say it any better. was great working with you during our time together in GHC. ehstrike
  2. Hi jvr just to make sure... If your antivirus is saying that playgate is unsafe and it deletes it then you will have to either manually change the setting in your antivirus or just turn it off when you install the game.
  3. If you haven't already I would suggest submitting a support ticket. here is the link . . .
  4. This I have to agree with.
  5. did some quick searching here on the forums and found this... I know it is not an x55 but it is close and may help.
  6. As I understand your frustration this is one of the things that makes this game unique in that it brings realism in that even though the enemy is marked you have to approach with caution and be prepared for the unexpected as he may have friends that are near by and not marked etc.
  7. That pretty much sums it up.
  8. If your using Norton, I use Norton as well, sometimes you have to go into firewall settings and with the playgate.exe settings and change it from blocked to allow. This is my fix and has worked great for me. Norton and playgate don't get along as Norton doesn't like it for some reason.
  9. If you patched then you will have to make a new shortcut from your program files. I had the same issue, just delete the current, not valid shortcut, then searching through your program files find the playgate.exe and right click to make a new shortcut and drag it to your desktop. Then get back in game sir.
  10. looking, so very much, forward to this patch. last Friday I timed 5 spawns in a row while defending the Mettet - P'ville FB. had an average of 56.8 seconds at the "did you know" screen with 2 of them over a minute long.
  11. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads!!!
  12. Type, .graduate true, and you can skip the training and play the game. The training part is not working atm. Welcome to the game btw. s!
  13. I know if I can I will check the flags for missions but that is not always feasible and I also do a .axis message of immenant flag moves. Though I do like your idea of a message for HC and ML about active missions. Though with the proposed changes of 1.36 this will all go away.
  14. It is an issue with the 1.35 version, they are looking into it. To bypass the training the hit enter and type, .graduate true, and that should skip the training and allow to play.
  15. I believe that one's sub lasts for 1 month from the day you subscribe. ex. if you subscribe today June 11th then it will last until July 11th when you will be billed again for the next month.