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  1. Thank you malize, icetwp, and the others for organizing this. It was a lot of fun! Fortunately those harbor waters are shallow so some of the scraps inside the burning hulk of the USS Argonne can be salvaged for the war effort. "Send in the submarines!"
  2. If at all possible shift me to a FM if there's a slot open. I used a FM during Saturday's practice and got re-familiar with the dual 20mm Oerlikon's and am pretty comfortable with those. I have not shot the DD's aaa batteries in ... months. If there's no slot I can get some DD aaa practice in a pinch. S! Oversoul cc: email to icetwp
  3. I'd like to fly a target drone for the practice today.
  4. i would like to burn to death in a french wolverine. thanks.