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  1. Join the 101st Airborne today and come get your wings!!! Check us out at or click my sig.
  2. Has anyone figured out how to get overwolf to work?
  3. well I may be biased as almost anyone else who posted in here, but the 101st Airborne is the best squad in game. We have a great Officer Corps and lots of knowledge in every facet of the game. Top notch players who do the things that need to be done to win. Whenever I call for all 101st to rally on my mission EVERY 101st member that is logged in at the time of the call is there with in 2mins. We rarely get stopped on an objective that we want and never get stopped if we really want it. We use superior cactus and communication to get the job done! (can't believe you didn't say that already jsilec ) As far as unbiased opinions go some other great squads out there are: 13th inf 7th AST AEF (many of the mentioned squads merged here) 23rd armor 4wing 617 250hispanos 22sas DDz Pathfinders Lancers I know there are some I'm missing, but those are all i can think of right now.
  4. Join up today and help us fight the axis on squad night this week. Hope to see you on the plane!
  5. Come join the 101st Airborne today. We've been using our elite paratroopers to help capture towns all over the map and in the last week we've dropped over 500 paras into hot DZ and taken our objectives. If you like to jump we're the squad for you. We average 15 players a night and get up to 27 on squad nights. Come have some fun. Click my sig to check out our forums. Your jump wings are waiting.
  6. Bump. Join the 101st airborne today!!!
  7. Bump for joining the 101st Today!!!
  8. with the 101st, but we are no longer a part of the program.
  9. S! everyone, and mainly xoom, After a lot of discussion and consideration the 101st command staff has voted unanimously that we do not wish to remain part of the host squad program. Over all our rotations we have gained at this point 3 members. During the time we have been running this program we have gained an additional 5 members using the methods of recruitment we used to use. While we do feel the need to help train noobs we just don't have the manpower required to devote to the influx of 200+ new guys at a time and honestly the deciding factor is this. Out of 200 new guys about 10 respond to PMs or chat, about 5 run with us for more then 1 night, about 3 join our forums, and less then 1 stays with us for the long haul. It is burning out my leaders and staff having to deal with the processing of the new recruits and consequently killing their fun while logged into game making them log in less. While we were glad to help out we can no longer continue to help in this way. Please remove us from the host squad program. Thanks for the chance for use to try it out and help what we could, it's just not for us. Thanks Xoom, Shad0w64
  10. Thanks again for the opportunity Xoom, We'll still be around kicking it in game and helping that way. You really are an asset to the game. Thanks for your time. S! shad0w64
  11. isn't our time over? thanks for the AAR post raven.
  12. thanks raven, you're too good to me. I'm back now as well.
  13. I just got sent to Colorado for a fire, when I get back in a couple weeks I'll write an aar.
  14. VMlesko dogface Raven4 Thanks.
  15. ah rgr that raven, as far as I knew you were still on the list for not having them due to inactive subscription which is certainly not the case. So vmlesko dogface still need them.
  16. Copy, Starting number 321
  17. Still accepting new recruits if you want to play with a well organized fun group of guys.
  18. rgr that. start number 266
  19. 101st AAR is in from our last rotation as well.