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  1. nvm i got it, thankyou
  2. "C:PROGRA~2\CRS\be3\playarc01.ww2 is not a previous version and could not be upgraded" I'm coming back for the welcome back soldier event and got this error upon loading up 1.34.3 I know these things usually require a re install, but before doing that I wondered if there was a quicker solution available? I wanna just get in and play and re install usually takes a couple hours, thank you!
  3. where do I sign in to become a memebr?
  4. thanks rubbish that fixed her
  5. As said, I get this error both when I attempt the disc (which used to work for stuff like this) and the full PC Install, both fail at the same folder, saying it's not a valid version to update. I would be more specific with the file but the error places "..." in front of the name so as to shorten it down, the above filename is as specific as it goes
  6. yes now I can't get it back on
  7. Also get an I/O error when trying tor einstiall using my disc from 2005. fails at \CRS\Battleground Europe\playarc.w2m
  8. I/O error occured during reinstall wtf
  9. Still need help here
  10. If you can't tell I'm kinda pissed I get the error "C:\PROGRA~2\CRS\BATTLE~1\playarc02.ww2 is not a valid version and could not be upgraded" such BS
  11. trying to reinstall the game. Disc won't work, gets a corruption error. Tried downlaoding off the website, get an error: An I/O error occured while installing a file. This is normally caused by a bad installation media or a corrupt installation file. The file it fails at: C:/Program Files(x86)/CRS/BattlegroundEurope/playarc03.ww2
  12. No go. Game does now get past loading screen occasionally, sometimes allows me to pick a mission and spawn, then crashes. Same with Offline mode. Help please. Want to play. XD
  13. Sorry didn't read Bloo's thread first. I will try uninstalling/reinstalling
  14. Didn't load a file correctly, when I try to start it up now it just sits at the first screen saying "BATTLEGROUNDEUROPE" with Christmas lights dangled underneath it. No loading bar ever shows up. Ehhhhhhhh
  15. Ordering Computer tonight I think (hopefully) Any last thoughts anybody?