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  1. "C:PROGRA~2\CRS\be3\playarc01.ww2 is not a previous version and could not be upgraded" I'm coming back for the welcome back soldier event and got this error upon loading up 1.34.3 I know these things usually require a re install, but before doing that I wondered if there was a quicker solution available? I wanna just get in and play and re install usually takes a couple hours, thank you!
  2. nvm i got it, thankyou
  3. where do I sign in to become a memebr?
  4. If you can't tell I'm kinda pissed I get the error "C:\PROGRA~2\CRS\BATTLE~1\playarc02.ww2 is not a valid version and could not be upgraded" such BS
  5. thanks rubbish that fixed her
  6. As said, I get this error both when I attempt the disc (which used to work for stuff like this) and the full PC Install, both fail at the same folder, saying it's not a valid version to update. I would be more specific with the file but the error places "..." in front of the name so as to shorten it down, the above filename is as specific as it goes
  7. yes now I can't get it back on
  8. Also get an I/O error when trying tor einstiall using my disc from 2005. fails at \CRS\Battleground Europe\playarc.w2m
  9. I/O error occured during reinstall wtf
  10. Still need help here
  11. Didn't load a file correctly, when I try to start it up now it just sits at the first screen saying "BATTLEGROUNDEUROPE" with Christmas lights dangled underneath it. No loading bar ever shows up. Ehhhhhhhh
  12. trying to reinstall the game. Disc won't work, gets a corruption error. Tried downlaoding off the website, get an error: An I/O error occured while installing a file. This is normally caused by a bad installation media or a corrupt installation file. The file it fails at: C:/Program Files(x86)/CRS/BattlegroundEurope/playarc03.ww2
  13. No go. Game does now get past loading screen occasionally, sometimes allows me to pick a mission and spawn, then crashes. Same with Offline mode. Help please. Want to play. XD
  14. Sorry didn't read Bloo's thread first. I will try uninstalling/reinstalling
  15. Hi guys, I posted a thread a long while back about getting a new computer. I have finally been able to accumalate $800 and am ready to go ahead and purchase parts. I wanted some help with this from some of the gurus on here, help me out with computer builds that is. I took a computer class last year to learn how to put a computer together, but I honestly don't know where to begin with picking parts. Help would be very much greatly appreciated!
  16. Ordering Computer tonight I think (hopefully) Any last thoughts anybody?
  17. Hmm, but why do you need to touch two metallic objects at once? Or is that how you ground yourself?
  18. I'm sorry, this feels like the 100th question I was doing more research about electrostatic shocks, and it actually says in multiple sites how you can damage a part, without knowing it, so that a few months later it'll act funny, give you blue screens, ect. Could you kindly explain indo how you would go about opening up your computer and putting parts in? Specifically, how to stop ESD? What's your preffered surface to work on? Do you always have to keep your hand touching the chasis at all times while working to stay grounded? Stuff like that... I feel like I'm over-worrying myself about this, but at the same time that phrase "better safe than ****ed," keeps popping into my head....
  19. K, so don't touch the little metallic lines etched in the board? (if possible) Anywhere else is preferable to handle it by?
  20. Ahh, ok I see how that works now. The electro-static shock bull**** though still makes me worry. Should I work barefoot and on another floor surface other than carpet? That would totally suck, my dream coming true, and then, *zap* I lose.
  21. Ok, so the blue one will always be attatched to the motherboard, and either the white or black will be connected to the drive when I open the old computer up? And once I find one that works, the other just kinda dangles there? doesn't need to go into anything?
  22. ...and that's just about where I lost ya... What exactly does that mean?
  23. Oops. Forgot OS. I guess then it comes out to $823.47 You said I could just use the old hard drive then correct? Might have to so as to have something left over for games. Would it be as easy as taking the old hard drive out of my old computer and just sticking it right in my new one?
  24. I have no clue how to thank you man. I'll call my dad to make orders. I will finally be able to play on something that is not a skidmark in computing history... Thank-you soo much man. You really are an expert, or at least you damn well look that way! I'm so excited, this is going to be awesome.
  25. Your case looks like a rocket ship man haahahhah! That's awesome. Thanks for being really cool about my questions man. Don't want to screw this up, or my parents would never allow me to do this again. I think I've exhausted myself of questions now... So do you think I'm ready to order now? Case: Hard Drive: Disk Drive: RAM: Processor: Motherboard: Power Supply: Video Card: Planning on using old Monitor/mouse/keyboard Expected price: $716.48 (that includes tax, which is 7% in PA I think...)