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  1. Nvm, the case comes with 3 fans. I guess I still need disk drives though.... Edit (again) ok so this is what I found. I don't think I could be going wrong with this, but I might as well get confirmation. Another random question, does the CPU come with a heat sink compound?
  2. $100 on a case? I didn't know that they could get that expensive. Does it count that the RAM has a heat spreader, the vid card has a fan, and the power supply has a fan? Or I mean, could those be taken into account when purchasing a case? Or am I better off with the coolmaster?
  3. I only plan on playing ww2ol really. Maybe some company of heroes, but no other first person shooter games really. Oh, so ww2ol only sees 2 gigs of memory at once? Why do they recommend four gigs then? I'm actually not intending to spend the whole $800. Need to reserve some for games and a ww2ol subscription. The only other game I would be playing than ww2ol would probably be Company of Heroes during intermission or something. I already have Battlefield Bad company 2 for my 360 anyways. Yeah so this rig will basically be dedicated to ww2ol. Any reccomendations for a case? Or should I probably just shoot for the cheaper ones that are Med-Large? The Mother board says that the power pin # is 24. The power supply says 20+4Pin. That still works then right?
  4. I think I'll go with the 2X2Gig sticks. I don't know too much about ganged and unganged, but I'm doing some research on that now. I think I'm mostly going for 2X2Gigs because of the deal I found on Newegg. 2X2Gigs priced at about $25 for each gig, and hey, it's four instead of three. I figure I'll go with the 64 bit OS so that I can take advantage of 4 gigs and have some flexibilty down the road. Since this will be my own computer I can always just take the OS out and nobody else will have a problem with it. I think that I may just skip buying a new Monitor, and just use my Dad's old one. I don't know what model it is, but I can call later and ask, or I can go see for myself next Wedsday. I was actually trying to go ahead and check compatability, but I'm bound not to know every little detail. Hopefully this first build goes smoothly. Thanks a TON again guys. This would be totally impossible without some expert help and advice. Oh yeah, I remember from my class last year that when working with computer parts, they recommended anti-static devices, like the wristband and anti-static work mat. Are those necessary? They said that it only took about 150 volts to damage a computer part or something.
  5. Ok, I don't have too much knowledge with that, but I do where it says dual channel. How about this then?
  6. Here was the hard drive I was thinking about. Picked it mostly because of the price. I'm not exactly sure what to look for in a case other than size... Is there anything else I should to to make sure that the parts will fit inside other than comparing the parts' dimensions to the case?
  7. Wow, thanks indo, that would have taken me 5 times as long. I suppose I'll just go with your build then, because I simply don't trust myself to put a good computer together, . I think I may then go ahead and get a new OS then as well, because I don't think either of my parents wants their computer without one. A few more questions, Would I have to purchase any cables or such then along with this? Or do they come with the parts? What can my framerates be expected to be at the higher settings? Wow, thanks guys. Seriously one of the best communities out there, period. I'd be so lost trying to figure this out on my own. Edit: Ok, I don't know much about Operating Systems, but I basically need a 64 bit OS in order to not bottleneck my memory? And if the bus speed of say the Memory and Video card is not equal, it'll just run at the lowest one, right? Oh, and indo, may I have you email account? Bloo was nice enough to give me 7 days free forum access to get a computer set up, but I'll probably have more questions setting it up and such. I'll definately make use of those Youtube videos as well.
  8. Alright, just a couple of questions I need to clarify before I start to seriously look at some things on there. GDDR3, I have never heard of that, so if I was to get a video card that had on board RAM with GDDR3, would I also have to get RAM that was GDDR3? Operating system, I don't need to buy a new one if I already have a windows XP disc correct? The same disc can be used for two different computers?
  9. Here comz the robots!!!! [Making more work for me isn't the smartest thing you could be doing right now.]-schulz
  10. OOOK then. Here's my problem: I am 14 years old, i got his game for christmas last year and the subsciption ended about a month ago. Quite frankly the only way to describe the performance i got on my computer was ":mad:BLAH PHAH GAH LARGH:mad:!!!".... Sooo, i am looking for a new computer. Yes a completely new one, this one (even i can tell) would have a virtual heart attack trying to play this game again even with new cards, drivers ect on the lowest setting known to mankind. I'm hoping to get some $muny$ this summer at a local golf course. I have absolutly no clue whatsoever what to get. I suppose i would like anything near $1,000, give or take 100-200 dollars. I am NOT looking for a machine that is ablsolutly stunningly amazing. I am looking for a machine that will play the game with at LEAST 15 FPS no matter where i am at with medium settings, so basically i'm looking for an average of 20-30 fps, 15 in big battle, (or is that not average?).... And if it could be avoided i'd really like to not end up purchasing a machine rumored to have weird problems with this game or i will shoot myself because i've dealt with this crap box for so long. Thx again anyone willing to help. And to make it interesting and worthwhile anyone who helps me get this computer i will join their side, axis or allied. Summary: Need new computer with normal setting with Average FPS : $1,000 for computer give or take 100-200 dollars : It would be appreciated if i didn't get a computer notorous for anything bad. P.S. And for anyone wondering why i posted this before the end of Summer, i just wanted to give this some time(lots of time) to get lots of answers
  11. Apparently I am going to have to wait until next summer or so until I can probably get a new computer. I don't see doing 100 lawns in 90 days of summer.. =( I know that would horribly coincide with sleepovers and stuff. ugh
  12. That and I turn 15 at the end of summer on august 31...So I'm one year short as of now to work anywhere else but as a caddy but at the end of my only oppertunity to work (summer) I'll be alligible to work but be in school... no one has any idea how mad I am right now. All I have on me is 200 dollars or so. My parents would never let me take money out of my account. Well now that I think of it there is a ****/crap/puny/a big maybe/ possibility that I could persuade my mom to take money out of my account for a computer. Then fill the account back up next summer. I'll talk to her.
  13. Yeah, but I simply don't have the money, my parents would never buy one for me and now I've lost possibly the only chance to get a new one all because they take in caddy applications ****ing 2 MONTHS in advance before I did. the only place I can think of is a golf course near my Dad's house which probably already is full just to put fate against me and they all seem to use golf carts anyways...
  14. Well I called the gold course place and apparently they are out of spots for caddies. So I don't think I can even get a computer anymore...
  15. My CSR said I last played Mar 11 2008, but I haven't been on for a good year due to a crappy computer. Ummmm...Am I being hacked?
  16. IDk then, I am a caveman with computers
  17. All I know is that if you plug the joystick in AFTER starting up ww2ol it doesn't recognize it and you have to close it out and reopen.
  18. That heats everything up cuz it cuts off air circulation. I guess it does hurt performance until cleaned, if you don't clean it and keep running it I know that you can end up burning some of the parts black and ruin them. Just clean it every couple of months.
  19. yeah i know.
  20. Same, since i'm getting this game back this summer i like to check up on things every once in a while, i've noticed that too.
  21. I had the SAME thing. Never was able to fix it. But i'll admit i never tried new drivers because it wasn't my computer to screw around with. Since i'm only fourteen i have no idea what the heck to do either.
  22. All right, this thread will go dormat until then, sleepy time. My system or whatever you're asking for is this i think...Intel®Pentinum® 4 cpu 3.00 GHz 2.99 Ghz 512 MB of Ram I know i have an AGP slot, so i guess i want to fix that by getting a PCI. Video card Nvidia Geforce 5200 ummm.... that's all i can find, And thank gawd you play axis, i've fought against allies too long to feel comfortable in their ranks, lol I live 30 mins outside Pittsburgh so i might have to turn to a big company, but a think there's a lil computer shop somewhere around here, i remember one at least. Wow it sucks not having this game. I wuved it like it was a son (sniff). I really liked the combination of online/world war II and realism.
  23. I used to be in windhund, great squad, will look at em again when i get online, till then bye
  24. Ok, thanks guys! And no quite frankly i have no clue what to do while putting a computer together, though i might be able to put a video card in. I could probaly look up online instructions though right? Thanks for quick answers, WW2ol has best community I swear...Ever try using a companies technical support? (rips hair out of head) I suppose i'll leave this thread dormat until near end of summer. So less than $1,000? that's a relief, i figured someone would post saying "Well you could pay 1,000 dollars and get a few fps looking at the ground." Thanks again, You'll remember this thread when I Bump it half a year from now, heheh And i suppose Xanthus helped me the most(thx) so what side do you play? ( i'm no noob, played before but with a bad computer, #28 top sapper)
  25. Would i be right in saying though a new computer that could run the game on med settings with 20 or so fps would cost around $1,000?