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  1. thx guys, it works now:) now i can finally play! You guys are sweet:cool:
  2. I can't find any documents of the game, the only trace of the game i can find on my programs list, and 1 file where when i click it, it tries to launch the game. I'm not even sure if a folder was created after i installed battle ground europe and tried to update it. Edit: I tried your link for the 1.25.3 update, same thing
  3. Caber, is this how i solve my logon problems? If so, i never did install v1.25.3, but the game still worked for the training server. Also, i don't know what the wwiiol.cfg and wwiiol.xml files are exactly, and i'm not sure if i attached the correct ZIP. I'd really appreciate any help:) Edit: When i do try to download v1.25.3, as soon as it finishes, an error report comes up telling me any information i was working on could be lost, which it always is. Is there a way to download that without having that come up?
  4. I have the same problem, but, same as you, can still sign in on the forums.
  5. thx, i just didn't know if it was my account that had problems
  6. i just got ww2online, and i was able to access the training sever once in a while, but couldn't access the online server, it would pop up with an error report, and gave me a list of things to check and download which confused me. Now when i try to log on to any of the servers, the playnet terms of agreement come up asking me for my username and password, when i agree to their terms and click "launch" a small box appears for a split second, then disapears and then nothing happens. I have no idea what's wrong with my account, or if it's my account at all. i've heard alot of cool things about ww2ol, and i hope you guys can help us sort this out:D