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  1. Good job finding the bug. Hopefully they will attend to it asap. If you could keep us informed as to progress I'd be grateful. I also have some overcharging issues that need attending to, (sent an email to So, for me at least, overpaying for a game I can't even play is not a great situation and if it is going to be a while , I have to pull the plug. Thanks.
  2. Netcode deal does bnot help me at all. Bug is intermitent, but more so than good. Hope there is a fix soon, (not like the map problem of the last patch), as this might force me to quit till it is. I'll keep my fingers crossed but please ask the powers that be for an honest update as to when Mac users can play. This does not hamper play like the useless map deal, this prevents it. Here's hoping...
  3. Hi, Have been trying to contact playnet sub services regarding a monthly overcharging issue I just discovered. (Signed on for 6 month back last December) and have been charged a monthly fee (14.95) since last January. That's not right. Can someone PLEASE email me the PLAYNET subscription services contact email so I can this sorted out asap. MY EMAIL IS:
  4. P.S> Smoke and chat aren't working still either.
  5. This is not an isolated problem at all it seems. I KEEP crashing. Never had this before. Either it says network error, or nothing at all, but I have not been able to play more thatn a few minutes today 9/2 at all. Very very frustrating. PLEASE ADVISE. g5 dual 2 gig - 1.5 g ram - OS Radeon 9800 pro UPDATE: Game has become unplayable and unstable. Will deploy for at best a few minutes and then FREEZE and CRASH. Program quits. Had the smoke/ chat issues. Smoke might still be a problem. But since the "fix" was added to these problems I keep crashing. Nothing has changed on my setup.
  6. Ok, the smoke problem is on and off. But when it is ON i have no smoke from either MORTAR OR SMOKE GRENADE. Wierd. Also, I cannot "chat". It tells me I must be deployed on a mission to chat, which I am. Also, Would not let me make marks or approve as leader. G5 Tower Dual 2gig, 1.5 gig ram, Radeon 9800 Pro.
  7. MY biggest Glitch is the fact that I DO NOT see any smoke, either from my mortar, or smoke grenades. WIERD. Mortar HE rounds are fine. Help Plz. (Performance sux, yadda yadda.)
  8. I have been popping in and out seeing what works and what doesn't but am unable at all to have any serious playtime. In combat situations my performance is mostly 3-4 fps sustained. Sometimes in very light combat it is 8-10 fps. If I am alone on a map, it is a screaming 22 fps, until someone gets near. I can't help squadmates, can't see zoomed mark locations, can't aim because of lag. I try to play for a few minutes and just quit out. Maps do not zoom at all and are all but useless. Am awaiting some response from the higher ups regarding this issue. It is foolish to pay for something that just doesn't work, and I will not do that. At the very least there should be some kind of formal recognization via email or other communication to customers. It is not good business to ignore this, and hopefully this will happen soon. I agree with the above poster, I have much better things to do than to try to play with, and pay for a non-working game.
  9. I commend your volunteer service, but since I have no one else to complain too, I am expressing my frustration with the situation. Hopefully whomever game it IS, will take the responsibilty to fix it for us mac users. My Mac is a dual G5 2 ghz. 1.5 gig ram, Radeon 9800 pro, 10.4 OS. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for addressing the issues here. Let me say this: I never heard of an invite for a beta testing, however personally i dont have time for that, and I think since I pay for the game, and own a mac (and since your game supports the mac platform) I would think that the time for being the crappier cousin of the program should have long been over. I have been paying for bad FPS since I started almost 6 months ago. It is obvious that mac users are NOT a priority. I am sure that just the simple "blue gun " issue would have been fixed promptly if it were a pc bug. But do not be confused , our complaints are not as trivial as a colored gun this time. It is unplayability that we are paying for. FPS of 2-4 in combat is not aceptable.(With player vis on LOW) Not having a map is not acceptable. I know the vast majority of your customers are PC users. However we both pay the same. So either cut the MAC program, or fix it. It is wrong that we should pay the same rate for an inferior version of the game. I really hope that we get a fix very fast on this. I will await your reply concerning a time line on this. If it is not going to be soon, I will request a refund and not play till it is. Please pass this opinion along also, along with the facts of the actual problems. Thank you for your time.
  11. "What does "non functioning" map mean? This code was substanitally reworked during 1.26 but no problems were seen in beta. I'm sure we can find it if some way to reproduce it can be found." What I mean is my map comes up with the press of "M", but then I can not zoom in or use ANY function. It just stays in its "city" default mode. Not very good when your ab is surrounded and you want to drive out a tank. It is happening every time to me now. Reboots, logs, do not help. The only clue I can guve you is it seems to happen only when deployed, or at least as far as I can tell now. IF I am logged in and just checkinig map it is ok. (At least the last time it was) , then when i deploy, it does not work. Robota
  12. OS 10.4 1.5 gig ram Radeon 9800 Pro DSL Line My framerate has always been poor. Never exceediing 20 fps, but mostly playing around 14-15. With this new patch, my rate is 4 or 6 fps if ANYONE is around. 13 or so if i am alone. Not fun. Also, my maps show up, but is non-functioning 8 out of ten re-boots. To me this is unplayable, and i will not re-up if it is not fixed. Too much of a drag. (Don't know if the blue-gun deal has been fixed either.) Please advise. Robota