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  1. What about those of us who haven't come and gone and stuck it out though thick, thin, and lag? Will we be rewarded as well?
  2. I've got the same problems. It's so bad I can't even play at times. :confused:I'll from 50fps to 1fps in no time and lag to death. For sure I can't fly or I die from laggin into the ground as soon as I'm anywhere near anything. It sucks.
  3. I can't log onto the Axis HQ page to perform my Country CO duties. I have a screenshot of my issues, but I don't want to post them in an open area for security reasons. Who do I need to talk to so this can be sorted out. Sockeye
  4. So is this normal then? I mean my HDD light staying on while my HDD slams away? It's gotten so bad I'm not even that interested in playing anymore.
  5. I've asked around in game and others claim the same problems. I've seen folks laggin' around as well. But, just for an offical response... WTF? I've noticed that when the lag happens, my HDD light is solid red. It just slams away for a very long time; sometimes I'm laggin' so badly I CTHL. I've defragged even though it's was only 1% fragmented. I've had problems since the last patch and just hasn't ever gone away. I've lost interest in playing because of it. It's never been this bad over the last 11 years that I can remember.
  6. I've noticed over the last week or so that I can't separate the stereo sound in game anymore. I used to be able to tell the direction of an incoming vehicle using my head set within reason. Now all sounds seem to be coming from all directions at once. I can separate the sounds out just fine in other programs and even within Win 7 itself. It's just this game I'm having issues with.
  7. Bump for an Android app.
  8. I love meh gmail and have used it since it was beta. Oddly enough though it views everything from WWII Online as spam and junks it. I can't change it no matter what I do in settings. Anyone else have this issue?
  9. It's time to join a squad. I'd like to suggest FeldJager. Good bunch of people with thick skin and happy to help you along and manage the native problems you'll have along the way.
  10. Your experiences reminded me of my first time logging in. I remember my heart pounding as I was trying for my first kill. It is a tough game there is no doubt about it. We're glad you're here and glad you're enjoying the war. If you'd like to join a good squad, I'd like to suggest FeldJager, assuming you're playing for the good guys.
  11. I'll help out those Weasels looking for help in manning the helm of a DD.
  12. I'd advise you to play Axis and join the Kriegsmarines.
  13. You were supposed to die. That was all part of the game. No need being sour grapes about it. You signed up for instant death and got it. So no need to complain. After you dry your tears watch the movie Tora Tora Tora and picture yourself there.
  14. That was me you hit. One plink to the head and I was dead. I was circling back to see where the torp I dropped was going to hit. Maybe it was me who hit you too. Anyways, good shot. !S