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  1. Looks like it: ... 15 com.apple.Foundation 0x960f9c47 __NSFireTimer + 279 ...
  2. After about a while away I downloaded 1.28.4 this afternoon. I've had a crash to desktop three times since then. I posted one of the crash logs to the GAME TESTING & BUG REPORTS forum. Is there some where else we should post Mac specific crash logs? Thanks! Sean
  3. I sadly cancelled my WWIIOnline sub today. I was a Mac beta tester when the Mac version first came out and stuck with the game until now. I haven't been able to enjoy the game for a very long time due to performance issues on the Mac side. I payed the same annual sub as a Windows player, I feel entitled to the same level of performance on similar hardware. Kudos to Ahwulf, one of our very own stepping up as a volunteer to try and improve things. I know CRS is a small company and we are a small subset of their playerbase, but I hope you get more support from them in the future and that they eventually start working on the Mac performance issues themselves full-time. I'll be following your progress and hope to have reasons to re-sub again in the future. KBO Sean
  4. What's the long range plan for the Mac side of the game? I've got an annual sub, but I haven't been able to enjoy playing for so long that I can't remember the last time I played. I'm having trouble justifying the expense of renewing in the hope that someone who works at CRS will acknowledge our issues and fix them. I know I've been spoiled by WoW's excellent performance on the lowly Mac Mini, but at one time I really enjoyed WWIIOnline.
  5. Mac Mini Dual 1.66 Intel Core Duo, 2.0GB RAM, Intel GMA 950, 10.4.8 Flying: n/a FB: 11-14FPS In town: 5-13 FPS (Aarschot today at 12pm Central US, there weren't a lot of folks there)
  6. I think the MacBook has a similar card to the Intel Mac Mini. I've only loaded the game once, without changing the settings and was getting about 4 fps. I wasn't expecting much with the Mini, but hope to eventually get better fps than my G4 450DP
  7. I've been playing WoW on my Intel mini whilst waiting on the Universal Binary WWIIOnline. I was _very_ impressed with how well the game works on the mini. Hopefully WWIIOnline can work as well after a few iterations on the Intel Mac platform.
  8. Will the Universal Binary version of WWIIOnline be able to use all of these processors or is that an update for another day? Since we (Mac and PC folks) are all on the same processor now, updating for multiprocessors seems like it's more worthwhile than when it was just us Mac folks.
  9. Agreed, it keeps me sub'd in the meantime.
  10. I would love to, but something's gotta run the home automation system around here!
  11. Giddy up. I've only got an Intel mini now, but when WWIIOnline and Adobe Photoshop are both out as universal binaries I am so buying an Intel Mac tower
  12. Giddy up! Let us know when you need beta testers!