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  1. Isn't the server constantly restarting due to a recent switch? That'll pass soon hopefully. Adding the Americans was a flavor thing. People who came to see that weren't bound to stick around much anyway. The only really substantial new thing for gameplay is the RPAT weapons. Players leaving -> game getting worse is just a positive feedback effect from other problems. The mini-campaign probably wouldn't have been a draw if there was enough pop (and the server crashes didn't keep undoing near-successful attacks). The main reason I wouldn't resub is the performance. Tweaking hasn't helped much. Unless I've missed something and someone comes up with a guide for ATI...
  2. There is no way to fix lag, other than making everyone live in N America or inventing FTL comms or something. AFAIK CRS hasn't done anything to reduce mutual kills. I still get them. You must've been lucky or playing around peak Texas time. Maybe the lower player pop helps somehow.
  3. Fighters are well enough fleshed out IMO. Yeah P-47s and P-51s would be cool, but P-40s and P-38s do the job already. Bombers of various types are lacking regardless of nationality, and likely to remain that way until there's a bomber patch or something. Same goes for navy. The only American equipment really needed that I can think of are the three M3s: M3 tank would be nice for tier 1, though Stuarts already fill the role nicely. M3 halftrack to complement the 251. But then, that probably would've been in game with the French already (along with the UK's Universal Carrier). M3 37mm ATG is the only thing really lacking.
  4. Wow, you get 20? I envy that. Amiens gave me a slideshow.
  5. Well, I'm all for removing AI aside from the heavy AAA. Too bad that last rant detracts from the original, far more valid topic. It shows.
  6. OC'd from 2.8 to 3.2 GHz. Haven't gotten to memory timing tweaks yet. It's improved noticeably in non-stutter areas, but heavy battles are still unplayable. Guess it's not the buildings...
  7. Same here. This has to be why CTDs tend to happen when spawning in a new area.
  8. Well, I get better framerates even in Arma2. Unless you mean latency.
  9. The travel time for vehicles isn't bad. Most opposing spawns are within ~5km of each other. Considering that's just above the max effective range for their weapons, that's a good thing. Most time spent before engagement is setting up an approach. Same with FRUs. 500m away is the ideal starting point for infantry. It shouldn't take ten minutes. If it's 10 miles away, you're using the wrong spawn.
  10. Two year old comp here (Phenom IIx3, HD 4870). Usually playable at ~30 FPS, but often drops to single digits in towns. Even with low pop sometimes. I don't remember it being this bad a year ago.
  11. Turning off "game detection" in setpoint fixed this for me. G5 mouse in Windows XP.
  12. HD 4870 9.10 CTDed constantly. 9.7 works great.
  13. Just resubbed and now I have this problem. Mouse settings have it off, no idea why it's on in game. Tough to play infantry like this.
  14. LOL. AI is the least of our problems's so easy to avoid, it's shameful to be killed by it. At least you weren't here years ago, back when AI actually was "radar guided". Now it just sort of sprays all over the place with predictable reload times, sitting in plain sight waiting to be killed by a tank or grenade or something. Believe me, I don't like it either, but it's really nothing.
  15. orly. I find myself with this problem often when I'm in a stuka. Alt-tabbing a little too quickly seems to help cause it too.
  16. This Logitech G5 mouse is neat. Two things don't work though: The wheel's side motions One of the thumb buttons The game just doesn't notice them. It only notices up to "mouse button four". I can add a "mouse button five" in the cfml file but that does nothing. This happened to another mouse too, so I doubt it's a mouse thing.
  17. ghey hax
  18. Come on, I know I'm not the only person with a >4 button mouse.
  19. Got a Logitech G5...Anyone know how to get the fifth button and the wheel's side motions to work?
  20. Just bought this piece of crap. It was the cheapest mouse with five buttons I could find, and it isn't bad...except the two side buttons don't work in game :/ Time to return it and make another choice.
  21. It's usually a network thing. I have a crappy wireless network adapter that stops working every few hours, causing me to CTHL. Maybe you have a crappy adapter too.
  22. Whoops! Turns out that's the same driver mentioned in that thread. I don't know if it's the card or the driver, but I do notice a significant improvement over what I was using before.
  23. Whaddya know? I just got the same card and started looking for the exact same thing. I haven't tried it yet, but this thread might be it. The driver I'm using is "11.6921" from December 5...Will check another driver to see if there's a difference.
  24. Make me a supply truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!1111111111one