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  1. Would you mind naming your source?
  2. I multicrewed a blen with my F2P account before reactivating my main. So the answer is yes.
  3. Hi everybody, I have originally played the game from 2002 to 2006 and resubbed this weekend after doing two days of F2P. As I have resubscribed you can properly guess that I liked most of what I saw. Especially the infantry gameplay has improved a lot since the old days. (despite this strange FRU thing everywhere ) What I did not like, was that there is barely enough supply of entry level planes and/or air missions available on the map. Most of the time there were only 2 - 3 air missions up for FAF and the H75 supply depleted quickly. It took me (as a semi experienced player) 2 days go gain one air rank and I suspect that many new players, interested in the flying game, might give up, before they get access to the T1 planes. While I haven't played a whole map yet and cannot tell if the initial supply of T0 planes is sufficient, I would suggest that CRS look into a) having defence missions generated by default on each supplied airfield and/or increasing the numbers of low level planes to a minimum of 10 per AF - Tarpoon