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  1. This is a Hewlett-Packard pc? There must be something running by Hewlett-Packard that is giving theses errors. It is the same error over and over in the log.
  2. downtown, I got your email and the 1st thing i see Solutionfinder.exe is throwing out errors. It might be a HP software issue ... i would disable any HP software running and test to see if the game runs better. If it does run better then restart each one and see what one might be causing the issue
  3. Email me your DX Diag file .... it may give a clue ohm@corneredrats.com
  4. Campaign 164 has started ! Starter sub's will have the use of Engineers and AA 40mm Spawn Delay has been changed from 10 sec to 30 sec Tier progression will be slower than what we had in Campaign 163
  5. Axis have won campaign 163 The campaign lasted 35 days and for most of that it was not much movement to the map until tier 6 rolled in. During 163 for welcome back event we pushed the tier speed much faster than would normally happen. For campaign 164 each tier will last much longer. The start time for campaign 164 is June 5th. The server will be brought offline around 7pm server time to start the process of getting the campaign underway. This is only a 24 hour intermission
  6. Stay strong
  7. Tiers were push much faster than i wanted to do ....the reason was to give the Welcome back event players a good feel for the new layout of the 1/2 year Tiers. Next next campaign will have much longer progression
  8. Just spotted this thread. Kill notice being on during the live campaign : (nice now that it is fixed) That is not really what the game is about , knowing right away that you Killed your foe takes the a great amount of excitement out. It is the not knowing if he or she is or isn't alive that makes your heart pump faster ! So that being said we will not be having it on during the live campaign. Kill notification will remain for Intermission and Special Events.
  9. Yes that is it exactly
  10. Trying to have as many Tiers as we can for the welcome back event .... need to show them the new stuff
  11. We now have more Tiers so the progression threw tiers is faster .... I am trying to have the tiers roll every 3.5 to 4 days Panzer VI E comes in the game in tier 5
  12. Try using this command /fac
  13. 1 > 225 2 > 205 3 > 180 4 > 160 5 > 135 6 > 120 7 > 105 8 > 90 9 > 90 10 > 75 11 > 60 12 > 60 theres are the players in the CP cap times in seconds for balance
  14. max timer would be 5.6 minutes and that's a 50% difference in population and underpop would be 112.5 seconds with one player. Even Population Player 1 > 225 2 > 205 3 > 180 4 > 160 5 > 135 6 > 120 7 > 105 8 > 90 9 > 90 10 > 75 11 > 60 12 > 60 The balancing capture timers will remain the same as listed below: Balancing Capture Timers (according to imbalance) When there is an imbalance starting at 1% (up to 50%), the following will occur: Underpopulated side receives bonus faster capture speed by X% Overpopulated side receives penalty slower capture speed by X% So for example, if there is a 25% population difference, the following will occur: Underpopulated side = 25% faster capture timers Overpopulated side = 25% slower capture timers You cannot have more than a 50% bonus or penalty. So if there is a 70% imbalance, the maximum bonus or penalty is 50% timers impacted on both sides. This has been pinned to both Allied and Axis forums ...but i can not find them as someone has un-pinned them
  15. Campaign 163 with Hybrid Supply has started!