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  1. if this is still a issue please submit a support ticket support.wwiionline.com
  2. No matter what side of the TOE's line you stand please keep civil to each other. Once we get steam players coming through the door we will resume work on 1.36. That being said weather we have TOE's or not the game will still need leaders to lead the players to combat for their respective sides. The game needs leaders that is the bottom line HC Leaders and Squad Leaders ...... TOE's has nothing to do with leading. TOE's is supply nothing more nothing less . OK time to bash on me
  3. I have not read or heard anyone using this yet. If you get it post your findings please.
  4. He was there training me. I think he wants to have another be able to do the whole thing incase he may want to take a vacation It only makes sense to have a back up
  5. sorry not posting while the server was down ...this was the 1st time i Reset the server .... i didnt want to mess it up so stayed focused to the job of getting the campaign started for 140
  6. In a record 52hr's 17min the Allies have won campaign 139. With the campaign being so short we decided to go straight to campaign 140. GET IN AND SUPPORT YOUR SIDE !!!!
  7. Well this is not a normal campaign start ... both sides set up differently. blink and you missed it
  8. IT is looking like it is resolving the server is unlocked
  9. We are making the final move to the new ISP and the Auth error that most of our players are getting is a DNS issue and should subside shortly. We have lock the server for this reason and will monitor the Auth errors and will unlock when the majority of the players are not getting the errors.
  10. We will be in intermission until Sunday 6/18/2017
  11. You can go the the Training server and have some fun there until we bring the main server back on line.
  12. Tipping, I don't know about this. There are way to many questions that would need to be answered . Lawyers get involved . Laws are different from country to country. Then I am an officer and now i start spamming Dot Allied/Axis give me a tip or i will not resupply the town you are in. You want a AO ...give me a tip. I can see the spam now. I will point this thread to the powers that be.
  13. This is talking about 1.27 TOE We are well past that and a lot has change since ..... We are working on updating the Wiki and i'll point that out to the Wiki RAT (B2K)
  14. Getting Area 51 working again is on the list to be fixed. But there is no ETA.
  15. what version drivers do you have?