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  1. Also some background program can be causing the issue
  2. CAMPAIGN 157 Here's some important information about the upcoming Campaign: Start date: Saturday, October 6th. Server will come offline at 6AM server time (GMT -6) Spawn delay, set to a 10 second maximum This will alert players of when your side is overpop / opposing side is underpopulated 10 seconds is negligible and will give the defenders a slightly better chance, without generating frustration Persona screen delay for overpopulated side doubled from 60 seconds to 120 seconds This will further encourage players joining to assist the underpopulated side Factory Rebuild time: 48 hours The time it takes for a factory to repair itself from an attack Re-Supply Timer: 15 hours The time it takes for a unit lost to being returned Brigade Movement Timers Frontline: 60 minutes Rearline: 15 minutes New Allied Commander-in-Chief: Hateract New Axis Commander-in-Chief: Lafleur
  3. campaign 157 will start In 24hours I will bring down the server at 6:00 am (server time) on the Oct 6 , 2018
  4. One of the servers that run the game will not start back up after running the intermission set up. I have called for one of the Devs to find why. Tthe server is now in intermission I will I’ll post when I here from them. In the meantime the training server is open for use
  5. The campaign was 31 days with a Axis victory. I will post news later today on when Campaign 157 will start enjoy intermission.
  6. Yes sometimes i need to push it out some so we do not get a Tier 3 roll over while i can not get to a PC ... so this time was one of those times
  7. The supply numbers will need to reflect the size of the Town vs City .. Also back line supply will need to be considered as the amount available to move up for over supply the neighboring town. Moveable supply also will be looked at and i my thinking is that is should not be anything large ... i really dont want to see magic surprise supply show up in a fight .....in all reality paras should be the reinforcement or the lead attack squad. Navy movement is not that big a deal as it is equal on both sides ...Air and the equipment issues will be looked at to ensure it is right for game play .. Once i am allowed into a version that is in testings i will have a much better idea as to how it will start working in all areas.
  8. Unfortunately gentlemen's agreements never work for many reasons. The biggest is not everyone gets the message.
  9. Yes you can ...i have seen other post pictures of doing 3 monitors
  10. The Campaign has started Changes for this campaign are Resupply timer changed from 15 hours to 12 hours ZERO Spawn delay DLC for Steam users is in the campaign Good luck to both sides
  11. The Allies won campaign 155. They were able to capitalize on the RDP raids that then Allied air was doing almost none stop around the clock. With Bombing being more effective we have seen the return of many veteran flyers . That being said we are going to not make any changes to the factory repair times. We will change the resupply time from 15 hours to 12 hours for when a the factories have zero damage. Were seeing resupply near 29 hours at max factory damage. We hope to see more air action as those who have not seen this type of game play before will now understand how to do bombing runs on factories and the importance of defence of the factories. Remember to watch the AWS grid map for bombers that maybe inbound to your factories.
  12. please submit a support ticket so we can help you http://support.wwiionline.com/
  13. who are all these people?
  14. I fix is in place ....but the database will take a little time to run and get everyone back to their favorite areas .... Delay to get to OT