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  1. You have not paid in a year , so how are you going to unsub?
  2. ok for the US players 12/04/2018
  3. Also during intermission we unlock all the units for play for everyone to try. There are new players that do not have the use of them all and this gives them a taste of the fun to come yet.
  4. We will bring down the server on 04/12/2018 at 6:30 pm sever time to get the setup underway. IF everything goes smoothly I expect to start the Campaign at 7:30 pm server.
  5. If the persona Screen has a delay it means the whole side is over popped and is only a one time effect. The other delay on this screen is the side lock timer to prevent side switch over and over. That is the 15 min timer The 10 second spawn delay on the enter world button is caused by that side being over popped in the game world not sitting at the mission screen. The last campaign we removed the spawn delay for the whole map and to our surprise everyone one did not like this and screamed to have the spawn delay turned back on but at a reduced amount of time. So we decided to try this campaign with 10 seconds. I do not see any reason why to change this delay. The 2min persona delay has been turned back to 30 seconds.
  6. I will give a response to this tonight when get out of work ......with pictures
  7. This is out of the OCS manual that every officer should get when joining High Command 7.1 Brigade Movement Mechanics 7.1.1. Manual Movement Rules For Ground Flags A flag (a unit) can be moved to a town if all conditions below are met. The conditions not only have to be met when proposing the move but also when the flag actually tries to move. 1) The target town is owned by the side that is moving the flag (town shows friendly ownership on the map) and there is at least one Army Base in friendly control. Note: Ownership is based on which side last owned all the facilities of the town; you cannot move a flag into a town before you own it (even if you control all of the ABs). However, if you are the original owner of the town, you can move right in if you have at least one AB even if you do not own all the facilities. 2) The target town has a supply link to a town in which there is another flag of the same division OR there is another flag of the same division already in the town. In short: you cannot move further than one link away from flags of the same division. 3) The supply link between origin town and target town is in friendly control. You must control both depots at either end of the link and the FB between (if there is one). A supply link between two towns exists if there are depots at each end. For example, there is a supply link between St.Truiden and Tienen because in St.Truiden there is the Tienen depot and in Tienen there is the St.Truiden depot. Roads on the map can be used to see if there might be a supply link between two towns, but should not be trusted solely. There are roads on the map that look like there is a link between two towns, but in reality there isn't. Air, paratrooper and navy brigades can be moved all around the map without any restrictions. However air and paratrooper brigades cannot be moved to frontline airfields. Naturally for air and paratrooper brigades there has to be an airfield in the target town and for navy brigades there has to be a dock. Navy brigades can only use Destroyers when they are located in Deep Water Ports.
  8. Frontline = every town on the frontline has supply . The numbers and what type of units have yet to be determined. This supply numbers maybe determined by how many AB's are in a town. (these numbers are not to be taken as final!!!) 1AB = 100 inf 2AB =200 inf 3AB =400 inf or we have one amount for every town say 250 inf backline = percentage of what the frontline town is Movable brigades = This is the tricky part. How many divisions will there be. These movable brigades supply numbers still need to be determined. My thinking on this is 3 or 4 divisions = 12 or 16 brigades . A North , South and One or Two center divisions At the start of the Campaign these divisions will be lined up well behind the frontline and will be moved by the HC to the area where the CinC has laid out the plan of attack. This will still give the strategic value of movable units , not just reinforcements units. All of these different types of units can be change in supply numbers before each campaign as to not have everyone the same and it become a stale repetitive map over and over . I am reading all of these thread and i am trying to fit all the pieces together . I know i am going to mess somethings up and get roasted for it but we are going into a new area that we have not gone before and it will be a learning experience
  9. what version of windows do you use?
  10. what version of windows do you use?
  11. what version of windows do you use?
  12. Can we get what version of Windows everyone is having trouble with?
  13. The next release we are putting out should help with this ... it was in the Friday update https://www.wwiionline.com/community-notes/reports/16573-network-hotfix-coming-soon We hope it is going to help , the only real test is to go live with it and see what happens