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  1. After a long intermission The war has started. Good luck to both side. Starter accounts will have the use of Anti Tank Rifleman and Engineers Free Play accounts will have 25mm Anti Air gun Setting on the Server are the same as the end of campaign 152
  2. The server is up and players are playing just intermission
  3. Campaign is going to start Sunday morning server time , 9am I will start the process
  4. intermission is longer than 24hrs ... not sure of the start date yet
  5. Congratulation to the Axis side for a hard fought war. This was one long campaign and everyone is needing some rest ! Both sides were fight tooth and nail in the center for a long time. At first it looked like the Allies were going to make a good push but it was not to be. This intermission is going to be an extended one as the operation team has request down time to make some changes to our internal network. They waited until intermission as to not to disrupt the campaign. This will mean both Live campaign server and the training server will be offline for a short time. This may happen tonight. We will give 24 hours notice before the start of Campaign 153
  6. no one has touched the settings
  7. The Balance timers have been in place the whole campaign, We did not touch the settings this at this time. They are just being reposted. Maintenance is done and the new Capture timers are now in place
  8. We needed to do a system maintenance today and made a change to resupply Old resupply was 12 hours New Resupply is now 15 hours
  9. Because we did not add extra supply when it was started
  10. Second chances are rare , Yes we do open our hearts once in a while. For the most part they player will be a good contributor to the community ... on the other side of that coin we do get burned once in awhile and have to reban the player (they will never be allowed back after that). I think we have beaten this topic enough and time to move on to a better subject .
  11. Try here https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/764665/geforce-drivers/nvspcap64-dll-error/
  12. Are you still having this issue?
  13. Yesterday I made a change to the forced despawn setting to ease up on how strong it was. It has been 24 hours and the server didn’t blow up please let us know if you have noticed an improvement
  14. Bar is here ...just been playing Axis
  15. One of the oldest squad in the game