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  1. That is correct everyone Campaign 144 has started after a little over 24 hour intermission. For this campaign the Free play subscriptions they will have the Light Anti Air Gun to use and the Starter Subscriptions will have the Light Mortar Man to use. Both sides will need help to achieve victory for campaign 144 do you part by logging in and supporting your side!
  2. I just found the document on RDP bombing and i never knew they stopped it in 1.33 . But the allies was bombing the axis factories as i have been watching it closely and there was 3 facilities that were getting hit regular and at one point German output was down 26% while French was down 89% before the French Factoies towns were capped
  3. Tier 1 kicked in last night around *pm server time . That was only 8 days yes it was longer this time by 2 days ....the reason RDP bombing ! Both sides were hitting each other's factories
  4. Sent you a Pm
  5. Yes that is correct we are now in campaign 143 As the last campaign being so short there will be no changes to the setup.
  6. The German Army has captured all of the French Factories to get the win! We will have a one hour intermission and then start campaign 143
  7. Really this thread turned into a soft cap thread All i was trying to point out is how one side has taken to the air to help there side and maybe the other side should do the same ... it does not have to be flying to bomb the other factories but maybe some fighters to intercept the bombers. As this is a multi component game
  8. Looks like the German Flyers have been busy .. The whole week i have been watching the factories it has been a constant effort to hurt the supply for the Allied .
  9. agm@corneredrats.com is the email to use
  10. No changes other than what Free play and Starter gets
  11. Campaign 142 has started !!!! This will be the 1st campaign to start With the Steam players. Supply is an unknown factor and may have to be adjusted as we move through the War. I will be keeping a close eye on it to ensure there is enough for fun but also to making sure attrition comes into play. Starter accounts will have the Sapper as there Add on bonus. Free Play Accounts will get the Grenadier
  12. No one did .... it was one of those long walk down the hall that us over 50 make 3 am
  13. 142 Starts on Sunday morning And yes @Lipton the Allies did cap all the factories .... I had to get up at 3am
  14. This was a long hard fight for the campaign that lasted 71 days !!! It has been along time for a long campaign. We will be in intermission for the next few days and will have the start Date and time for Campaign 142 in the next 24hr