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  1. who are all these people?
  2. I fix is in place ....but the database will take a little time to run and get everyone back to their favorite areas .... Delay to get to OT
  3. yep we are working on the fix ....
  4. i think we did this by doing something else .... i got someone on it
  5. did this just happen ??? or an on going thing?
  6. good job!
  7. YES !!!! Area51 on the Training server is now open for training ! Train your new players
  8. Campaign 154 ended as a "Draw" due to the extensive terrain patch 1.35.14. MANY terrain bug fixes were implemented throughout the map, but dividing Antwerp and Brussels into multiple "Districts" was the culprit as HC's on both sides needed time to adjust their forces to cover these changes. With a 24 hour intermission, both sides are confident they can destroy their opposing team in this historical campaign. Servers are LIVE, and the battle has began! https://www.wwiionline.com/game-news/production-notes/patch-1-35-14 Salute! to all
  9. We have a big release for terrain with two key towns being split up. With this update with have decided to stop the campaign and declare it a DRAW. This is the only fair way for everyone as unit deployments and moves for the front line need to be made by the High Command. We will have a 24 hour intermission to give the officers time to get deployments and for us to make sure no serious issues pop up. We plan on the release tonight
  10. Avast usually is pretty fast with clearing us .... 24 hrs or less
  11. The correct person to ask would be Heavy265