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  1. S! What year did you start playing? 2002 When was the last time you played? 2013 What squad were you in? Gross Deutschland (GD) in the beginning then helped found the 1LB "Iron Wolves What side did you primarily play on? Axis. Been a while, good to see some old friendly names in here from either at my side or in my sights S! Jorvik
  2. its true, we have a Hondo, but dont worry, we do keep him muzzled! ch43 - home of the hondo! S! Jorvik
  3. still here and still on the "real" server ch 43 S! Jorvik
  4. Open invite to all the playerbase. Want to do something different? Want to make not one bit of difference to the map or the campaign? Want to have some fun with lunatics who play this game? Then: Bring an opel. Form up 18:45 EST, Saturday Jan 28th. Axis Text channel - 43. TS: CRS Axis - 1LB Iron Wolves room. Start point to be communicated on the night. Place: LIVE server. S! Jorvik 1LB "Iron Wolves"
  5. yep still here, still rock and rolling on 43 S! Jorvik 1LB "Iron Wolves"
  6. yep still around, though most of us have mutated to have 2 heads now! ch43 - find out why we are still around. S! Jorvik - 1LB "Iron Wolves"
  7. Interesting, wonder if it is the 32 v 64 bit OS issue.
  8. Last 2 driver updates caused me exactly the same issue, currently using drivers from Feb 2011 and everything works fine. Win 7/64 I7 CPU ATI - 5870
  9. wow a Tex-bump Tex64 the man who made the "Wolfenschloss" a reality, but you will have to tune ch43 to find out what it is! S! Jorvik - 1LB "Iron Wolves"