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  1. my 8800 just died so i upgraded to 4890 :-( baby jesus weeps every ten min as i crash to desktop i have tried 9.11, 9.8 and am now on 9.7 drivers...fingers crossed
  2. god, my 8800 just shorted out and the only thing i could get my hads on was a HD4890 at a good price which i brought, only to discover i can only play WW2OL in ten minute blocks using the 9.8 drivers to have the game instantly cut off, or use the 9.11 drivers and get smartheap errors every ten minutes im very unhappy
  3. crash back to desktop on launch uninstall, download new client wait 4 hours go to install...."wrong file size" do i have to download the 374mb file again? i dl it from battleground too
  4. when you click on the little "go to last post" sends you to page one for some reason