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  1. Sounds like you are coming along wonderfully and welcome to the community. As you play more, you may develop a favor a few of the tricks that have been discussed or you have discovered more than others. One that I am personal too is covering the doors of a spawnable CP (re: one that will allow your peeps to spawn in town if captured) whether attacking or defending. I have a lot of rank, so I do not worry about capture or defend points. Instead, I like to find a nice perch on the second floor of a building or clump of bushes that gives me a good view of both CP doors if possible. On defence, it takes a little longer for the enemy to make their way into town and take a CP. On offence, as soon as we take a spawnable CP in a town, the enemy shows up rather quickly and you have a fair number of targets. Enjoy the game and do not be afraid to ask for help.
  2. Two days ago, I got the urge to resub for 3 months. Low and behold, my old 3CD was thinking about coming back to life. It is a sign.... for the farmers to lock up their sheep.