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  1. Thank you Psych0 this was helpful.
  2. Such a great read. Thanks for all of the memories! I came from AW3, hung around the forums before the launch for what seemed like years.. I think I signed up in 2001 but didn't seriously play until 2002.. Came in with the 31st Wrecking Crew.. led by ZZ.. was a great time.. rbnn
  3. Same issue here. It's got to be on the server end. My son was playing just a few hours ago.
  4. Weird Christmas for me, my wife, son, and I just finished watching WWE wrestling, Christmas edition. Never really watched it before lol.
  5. That's weird, I would have expected it to be around 2003-2005, when the game was at it's peak.
  6. Good God guys! I agree with Hastien. GO HOME!!! Merry Christmas!
  7. My philosophy is in line with tandel, and I follow my own similar rules. Enjoy both sides if you want, just use common sense and don't do things that you KNOW are wrong. I started with the Axis way back in 2001, 31st WC, but that was when squads were big, so there was no point in switching, and there was more of a "team" spirit and rivalry I would say. Now, not so much. Recently I've decided to try out the Allies for a campaign or two, but my son plays now, and he usually plays Axis, so I'm sure my username shows up on both sides even in the same evening. Of course we don't share information, we just take turns.
  8. I let my subscription expire in July but recently decided to sign up again for another year. I installed a completely new/clean game, am able to log in to Playnet, play offline, but when I try and go to the Campaign I get a couple of strange messages, First something like "looking up registry", then "No registry entry found for game" or something like this.. Anyone ever see this? I sent an email to support but just wondering if this is something I can fix on my own. My account is showing as active and subscribed as best as I can tell. Jeff rbnn
  9. I got the same thing tonight, never saw anything like this in 10 years playing. Some cryptic run time error, it went too quickly to read correctly but dumped me from the game. Tried to start the game again but now I'm locked out from all units of all nations lol. I'll restart PC and try again
  10. Not sure how to explain this but I noticed it just today. When playing infantry and moving using the "w" key, if I keep it held in (moving forward), and at the same time move left/right or look left/right, after I've moved or stopped looking (released the q,e, or a,d keys) my guy just stops. Not sure if I'm clear. In the past I could move forward, look left/right, move left/right, all the while keeping the "w" key down and my guy would continue to run. Now he stops. All I have to do is release the "w" key and press it again and he moves, but it's really annoying especially in a town battle. This is a new keyboard that my wife just gave me but it was working fine the other day. It's a USB (Adesso something). My old one was a PS/2 generic and it worked for 10 years lol. Of course I'll put the old keyboard in and verify but have any of you seen this? Jeff
  11. I'm looking for advice on setting up my joystick for flying, it seems like what I have is way too sensitive. I barely touch the rudder and my plane violently yaws one way or the other. It's worse on the ground. I've played with some of the sensitivity settings but they don't seem to change much and I don't understand the difference between Rudder X,Y, Z and regular X,Y,Z. I've decided to try flying after playing infantry for 10 years. I do remember flying in past versions without problems. Now I can barely get off the ground. Once airborne, I'm generally ok until I turn moderately, sometimes the plane just rolls over.. seems way too sensitive. I've played many flight sims in the past (Aces High, Air Warrior, Warbirds, etc..) and although I'm not a good fighter pilot, I never had these issues just taking off and landing! So if anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it! For anyone who uses the ST290 could you share your settings? rbnn
  12. I apologize if this is not completely relevant to BE, but I trust the advice that some of you have given regarding hardware. I would like to replace my sons desktop with a new laptop. He is now 11 and I am pretty sure I want him to have a laptop. The older system he is running used to be mine and I ran games such as BE with no issues. It's an older WinXP system, AMD Athlon 64, 3200 (2GHZ), it has only 1G of memory and an NVIDIA GEFORCE 6600GT (128M). So, how can I compare this system to a laptop that might be available today? There are three games that he plays that I would use as benchmarks. Tiger Woods golf 2005 Nascar Racing 2003 Formula 1 99-02 racing I am wondering how these games would run on a new system if they run fine on that older one. What types of issues will I run into if I'm using a laptop for games? I need this cost to be in the $600-$1000 range, otherwise I would just by a desktop. I'm not sure how to gauge a modern laptop graphics. I don't expect alot, I just would hate to take a step backwards. Thanks for any advice. Jeff
  13. Just installed Windows 7, got all the updates. Reinstalled the game. Everything seems to run fine except that I don't hear my own player step, fire, reload, etc. All the other sounds seem just fine, even my bullets hitting the wall I can hear. the game plays fine.. I have an SB Audigy with the latest drivers. I'm running in Windows Vista mode to clear up the locked mouse issue. Any ideas? Jeff