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  1. Well we can help ya out in that department too. First thing to try is if you're on Windows XP be sure to do the NT mode compatibility fix right click on your ww2.exe (it is in your Program Files/CRS dir, or wherever you put it, also do it to the shortcut on desktop) and choose properties... then click on the compat. tab and youll see a box unchecked with windows 95 in a drag down box. Put a checkmark in and choose Windows NT 4.0 (service pack 5) and hit apply. Make sure it stuck. Also as I said above definitely go over the KRIEGER thread entitled "general PC upkeep tips" ... that can help a great deal. This game is VERY VERY CPU/Memory dependent so keep that in mind. If you want more help with performance issues go ahead and start a new thread to get more people and more help and post your dxdiag in there.
  2. No problemo ... be sure to read some of the stickies in this forum so your game can run as smooth as possible. Especially the upkeep thread by KRIEGER. Also if you need help finding your way ingame just ask. There will be plenty of folks more than willing to help, and they'll probably try to get you in their squad
  3. Try this guys: if you want to talk to CRS and get help about accounts (assuming the above doesn't work for you) This is a player support forum, bindin, CRS won't read your message here.
  4. Okay firstly yes the correct download is here :;jsessionid=C4F71EB5B98AED1793C4AA9894F5CA02.2 After installation there should be a desktop Icon. Use this to launch the game. It should prompt you for a user name and password. If it doesn't something is wrong. If that takes you to offline mode I think it could be a shortcut issue. If you right click on your BE desktop Icon and click properties you can view your target. Mine looks as follows "C:\Program Files\Playnet\Playgate\PlayGate.exe" 1 1 Make sure yours looks similar (your location could be different if you chose to install it in a different folder). Keep the quotation marks After you have tried the above let us know if you continue to have problems so we can help more if needed.
  5. Hopefully your game won't become unplayable because unfortunately it does for alot of people with NT mode OFF. It's strange that some suffer from this unfortunate phenomenon more than others ... so maybe it's tied in with your settings, ie what video card + specific driver you happen to have, although you did mention you tried other drivers. I have NT mode ON and have only encountered invisible EA once or twice in 2 maps now ... *knock on wood* ... and ive seen plenty of EA. I'm running athlon xp 2.2ghz a7n8x deluxe onboard sound radeon 9700 pro w/ DNA ati drivers 2x512 dual pc3200 corsair @ sync with 400fsb (~202mhz) NT mode ON Winxp pro (not updated) Here are my ww2ol settings if you want to try the same ones and maybe get the same results: texturereduction false bclearviewport true sound NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio bsoundenable true b3dsoundenable false video RADEON 9700 PRO (DNA-ATi resolution 1024x768x32 bnoframerunahead false bnolocktorefresh true gammared 1.000000 gammagreen 1.000000 gammablue 1.000000 bshowinfo true shadowsizeselect 0 multitextureenable true volumemultiplier 7.000000 musicmultiplier 1.000000 hudvisible 0 fogscaleselector 0 maxnumbersounds 16 suppressmuzzlesmoke true suppressmuzzlelight true suppresstracersmoke true suppresssmallclutter false suppressplaneclutter false lodfieldofview true lodlimitperframe true bcursorenabled false mapalpha 67 friendlycolor 16711680 enemycolor 255 squadcolor 16777215 language 0 numbulletlimit 16 ambientlevel 2 treenearlod 1 treefarlod 1 treeresolution 2 usetreeshader true usevideoram false radialclutter false radialdensity 0.500000 radialradius 0.500000 visplayerlimit 1 fsaasamples 0 fsaahighquality false soundhighquality true soundforcestereo false soundconvertonload true capturealldisplays true enableh2oshaders false
  6. Have you considered memory module errors? I used to suspect memory leak which infact were tied into my CTDs. They have both cleared up completely after a bios flash. copied from a different thread
  7. I assume you've gone over all the general system upkeep tips? (sticky atop this forum) Another good indicator of CTD issues could be memory module errors. Download memtest86 and run it for atleast a couple hours; i've seen new errors after 5 hours. My CTD issues cleared up completely when I flashed my bios because of a rare memory imcompability issue with my motherboard. Read about it here.
  8. What OS are you running? And do you have NT compatibility mode on? That has been said to cause said problem. Try playing with the compat. mode settings and see if it helps
  9. This is a support forum from players, not CRS. They won't see this post. As to the CSR, it takes a few days to update so don't sweat it yet. Map was reset late friday so CSR will probably be functional again in the next 2 days.
  10. First get to your manage account page from the links on the homepage. Then I believe you need to choose a subscription type and then it will eventually ask you for your mode of payment. Credit card, paypal and the rest of the options. If i'm wrong another will be here soon to correct me so don't worry As for the other forums you should beable to see them unless you are not logged in. Guests are only allowed to see certain forums. From this link you should see all the forums. The OT, barracks, hanger etc are near the bottom. Again make sure you're logged in.
  11. If you can turn on your computer you can run pingplotter. You type an IP or URL and let it run.... That's it. Just make sure in the graph that is displayed at the bottom that packetloss is showed. Run it over night look at the graph in the morning... If you want to find out whether it's your connection or not get it done. Reading the results is only difficult if you're colorblind. No red = good, red = bad, more red = worse.
  12. It definitely could, it has happened to me before. I had bad bad connection issues 2 years ago that forced me to unsub and it turned out that a so called "tech" put an amplifyer on a broadband cable line in my area. That's a no-no. The problems were instantaneous and it took a long time for Road Runner to realize it actually was on their end ... Anyways, yes it could be packet loss. Don't bother posting the results to us, it's easy to read yourself: Run pingplotter over night to (I believe that;s the server still) and make sure that it displays "packet loss" in the graph. They will look like red bars ... the more red bars you have and the thicker they are, well that's where you're getting booted. Make sure you look at the graph for 3 hour intervals or whatever when you're inspecting your results. Don't run it for 8 hrs and have it show 10 minutes Run it to,, ... see if you're having trouble with CRS servers or if theres no difference at all. Run it over night while you're not using the computer because even launching a browser will affect results. Also memtest86 might not be a bad idea ... do a quick forum search to get link and info or google it. And to check pagefile size hit the Windows key+Pause Break key and choose advanced then the Performance settings button then advanced again. There you will see your pagefile and you can change it. Though when I tested it with ww2ol and set it to zero windows gave me an "increasing pagefile" error with the CTD. If you don't have a windows keyboard its control panel -> system BTW
  13. Yes those are the correct programs and they are both free. Be sure to update them before every scan, it is easy to do as they can updated from within the program and only takes 2 seconds.
  14. Download Adaware and update it and also spybot The more programs you use the better but these 2 will get 99% of it if not all of it. These 2 programs along with norton will do the job.
  15. Also make sure you're in the online server with people. The offline server will be just you.