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  1. it works, thanks
  2. I bought a subscription last night, and I figured it would have a delay but it still isn't working. wwiionline tells me my account is active and I can obviously post in the forums but I can't play the game. here's a screenshot http://yfrog.com/0x56248643j
  3. I have the same problem. Reactivated my account last night and still won't let me log in. Tells me my subscription isn't active
  4. Stuka Section 4 please.
  5. quad cores are pretty useless atm.
  6. ooo that's interesting.
  7. jammy my computer is fried I'm probably not going to be able to make this one.
  8. mark me down as an axis fighter
  9. nah it's my sisters 18th birthday that day.
  10. sorry jammy I can't come something just popped up.
  11. Er Jammy that doesn't look like a very good tanking area. that's one big forest.
  12. Mark me down as a stug 3g