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  1. I have no interest in constructing a value-based spawnlist, because I think value-based spawnlists are the problem. I want you to take your 18 yearsof experience in this game and use it to curate a spawnlist that in equal measure, resonates with the history and precedence of the game, and is fun. A somewhat lower priority is historical quantities. An incredibly lower priority is how much the items cost their respective sides. XOOM had no problem tearing down a system - the HC/brigade interaction - that was desired by CRS from the founding of the game. Why are you now suddenly hidebound by the precedent of a "value based spawnlist"?
  2. You can take half the credit, you got me riled up.
  3. This continual fighting over the 251s "costing" is one of the most mind boggling boondoggles I can fathom in the game's history. I don't give any damns how many charts can be produced and flapped about on how much the 251/88 historically cost. That cost was paid by 1940s logisticians because they had a certain impact on the conduct of the war. This game is, until a veritable army of paid coders descends on it and introduces a full logistics model, a **completely disassociated scenario** from actual war conduct and production dynamics. They should be at BEST an interesting anecdote as it pertains to this game's production. I get that this game's "winning edge" is in being a historical milsim. I sadly understand that as of right now it can only run dependent on unpaid labor. But the continual insistence on decisions that make a unfun game for the vast, vast majority of potential players is causing us to circle the drain. If the people who are insisting on economic ToEs are propping up operational finances and ergo are getting to set priorities, for the love of God tell us what that number is and I'll chip in to replace those contributions, and I imagine others will too. Because I absolutely cannot fathom any other reason why, given the dozens of paying customers who are saying in this and other threads This Is Not What I Want, that What We Don't Want keeps getting pushed.
  4. I agree this needs to be looked at - I think I've been killed by a mortar once all campaign? It's a careful balance since people really dislike being killed by indirect fire, but we need mortars to be closer to "meh" than "worthless"
  5. Considering the 232 has a k/d north of 4, it's certainly not harmless!
  6. But here's the issue with the "just want to have fun" mindset. In order to have a fun battle, except in a few cases like Twerp/Brux inter-town fighting, SOMEONE had to do the work of driving a truck or walking a HC FRU. Players who rarely do the "work" of establishing a spawn point are saying, my fun and my time are more important than everyone else's. In fact, you are MULTIPLYING the work others have to do to create your fun. As anyone who has been the only person willing to drive a truck to an AO can attest, it's so much harder to establish a FMS when you're the only truck because your audio is easily isolated. I've driven 7-8 trucks to a town before only to either be rifled or the spawn blown within minutes, whereas if just ONE person had been driving with me the first attempt we would have been able to get them placed in relative secret. If you leave dirty dishes in the sink, they don't wash themselves - even if you aren't aware when it happens, or that it happens, someone comes around and does the work you chose not to do. Please, drive a truck at least once or twice a session.
  7. As XXO of the 101r, I have four Brigade-level commendations I'd like to issue for Camp 160, based on my observations in the late TZ-early TZ3 timeframe. I am nominating all four of the listed below for the 101r Combat Merit Brigade Recognition ribbon: Midnight: Always the first to the DO and does depot satchel prep, DFMS setting and comms regarding threat level that are accurate to the situation. Adam1168: Great leadership on a four hour attack on Avesnes on the night of Feb 25th. While we were at a significant pop disadvantage, his attack leadership including movement direction and constant MSP establishment allowed AHC time to move flags to cover the southern hole. Even though Axis seized Montreuil the next morning, efforts like these are what will eventually bring us hard earned victory. Tiger004: Overall excellence in armor operations. He's always answering the call when we need armor in late TZ2 and shows meritorious proficiency when he is an operator. Dfire: Performed all the jobs that we have the hardest time fulfilling: FB defense, bunker duty, long range MSP hunting. His proficiency in both armor and infantry operations, including a 30+ kill armor sortie and multiple 10 and 20+ kill sorties during this campaign, allows him to be a force to be reckoned with even when he is the only defender of a town. Obviously, he's headed back Axis this campaign, but I feel it's important to recognize everyone who contributes during camps.
  8. What's being referred to is that loooooong ago for one of the first intermissions we played on a set of cps that had been custom made for a scenario. Was some of the English ones I believe. Back then intermissions were designed events. Ergo, it would be really cool to do a mini-camp that took place in 10-12 Norwegian towns, or an Italian skirmish now that we have Italian gear. But that's obviously a lot of effort for not necessarily a ton of payoff if the campaign size won't be approaching those places anytime soon.
  9. The fairest solution I can think of off the top of my head that would still be within current code capabilities is when in-game sidepop goes below a certain number (15?) AND is also below a certain percentage of gamepop (35? 40?), AI in towns is rebuilt and made invulnerable. That might not be enough, but it could be a first incremental step.
  10. There's another phenomenon where defense actually gets harder at micropopulations in this game setup. I can typically patrol 2 CPs defensively and still see what's going on the battlefield. Add a third, and I can typically do it BUT I lose battlefield awareness. Unless it's unusual circumstances, I can't patrol more than three, and if I do when I make it back to them and they're under cap they're already significantly through the cap. What this means is that in times where we have fewer than 5 people defending a town, our game jobs become that much harder. We lose battlefield awareness and the time to do things like roll AT guns or run around looking for FRUs. The loss of people that have to be dedicated to static defense in the bunker hurts that much more. So when there's sub 5 defenders in a town, it doesn't take much to roll through it.