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  1. First thing i read after returning to the forums after quite a while - sad! Good fo you though! I wish you all the best with your business and thank you very much for the best experiences i ever had in this game!!! S! vader666
  2. S! Thanks Lindir. ewalk brought up the idea of an realism event manual in the other thread (here: I picked up the idea and discussed it with Lindir who is all for it. To get this thing going we should discuss what we want to achieve and what needs to be done/who does it. My view: The RE manual should provide the complete and comprehensive ruleset for the realism events. It should not cover basic game mechanics - only rule/regulations and descriptions how these events are run, how they work and what the specific rules are. The goal would be that all interested players could prepare themselves for participations in such events - allowing the registration and startup of the events to be streamlined and hopefully shortened. This precise ruleset would possibly even allow more realism by (re)implementing things like strict communications (radio) rules to prevent grunts from knowing all that happens on the battlefield etc. Knowledge of the manual could be a prerequisite for participants - either by having to acknowledge the rules or even by some kind of test/certification. Having to be prepared for the event by knowing what it is all about would not only speed things up and allow for more fidelity but could also prevent people from entering and leaving in disgust in the middle of it - because they either don't like it or didn't expect it to take so long. I propose getting a group of volunteers together to define the basic framework and distribute the workload. I would gladly offer my help in doing this and could do a german translation afterwards as well. Discuss!
  3. Hmmm... if we (2nd platoon 2n squad) had been ordered to take the StuG we would have done so without questions. Looks like any other order to me...
  4. We had that in past events. Now: Brigade channel for comms platoon leaders with CinC 10 platoon 1 (squad leaders with platoon leader) 20 platoon 2 (squad leaders with platoon leader) ... 11 Platoon 1 squad 1 (squad leader and troops)... The variation back then was that the regular grunt was allowed only area chat. Only the grenadiers (which always were the radio man in the events) and the squad leader were allowed to speak on the radio. As the current system does not really work you can imagine that this more realistic approach didn't work either. The major problem is - too many (event-) noobs that do not understand the system - the participants are not constant enough to really make such a system happening. - Discipline: You won't get ppl to really detune the higher channels - most already feel to be in the dark during those events. Though the consequences of losing your radio man would be entertaining and (desirably) realistic for some of us - for most of us the thought of having only area chat to communicate isn't too appalling. - and you cannot enforce those rules - what channel you tune is a client based action that could not be prevented by the GM AFAIK. IMHO Teamspeak is really a must for effective (inter squad) comms in those events - but naturally poses the same problem of unrealistic range. I think there must be a compromise - TS for squad comms (+area chat or a dedicated channel), channels for command comms (that should be moderated to keep them free of chatter - maybe one of the many folks flying around in their shiny bussard during the events could take that job? ). The only way we ever achieve more realism in the comms area (and speed up the whole registration process) if we find some effective way to set up the roster and orders before the event - that this is not easy and often does not work due to dropouts etc. could be seen when the SET events were still done... S!
  5. It was good to have you with us .... lol due to the fact we were all on german TS we didn't really notice that all of us spoke german until after some time into the mission I agree. I think the idea behind this was to make it more intersting and less predictable than having the same priorities for both sides. One effect of that though was that our platoon completely stayed out of the fighting We occupied the (high) western hill objective unchallenged for the duration of the event and could only watch the slaughter in the east and town from the distance... Only shot fired was Ibiza killing that lone EI 15 mins to the end of the event. But that is war i guess - many die and many do not fight at all Great job allies! S!
  6. Look here for my setup using the SuperDisk RAMdisk: Be sure to turn off the page file! Be advised though that a RAMdisk won't get you more FPS, it simply won't!!! The only thing it can do is reduce load (and therefore spawn) times and ingame stutter that is related to loading stuff into the memory. It is really usefull only to pilots that experience problems due to slow hd access... Cheers
  7. Great vid Jizzy, ty! Lindir, any chance you can host that for us to d/l?
  8. I couldn't agree more! I am so glad Lindir is doing those events again! Unfortunately though those of us that love this kind of game and have the patience required for it seem to be in the minority.
  9. The rest of section 1 during the counterattack
  10. S! I was one of two LMGs in axis section1 (all-german) lead by Greni. Greni did an outstanding job leading us through the mission and keeping (some of) us alive. That is especially given the operational constraints due to higher echelon micro management. After early contact in the south / south east we were ordered to fallback to town. We fall back further to the NAB and after the gas tanks were destroyed we ran outta town. During the suicidal counterattack over open ground Grenni, Jeah and me (all that was left of section 1) cut south west. Greni killed 2 lone EI on the approach and we were about to enter town from S when i CTHL'd and the rest was ordered to RTB. Overall it was great fun (as always) - even though i CTHL'd in the end. Working with Greni and using german TS (a first for me) was a blast - looking forward to do that again. Lessions learned: 1. NCOs need some operational freedom within their ops zone. Local terrain and enemy tactics can only be used to your advantage when you can position your squad accordingly and not bound by predetermined points and boundaries that do not respect terrain and other factors. 2. Fallback orders should take into account the situation of the unit to fallback: Is it momentarily in a favourable position and can harm the enemy if allowed to stay a couple of minutes longer? Or does it expose itself/friendlies when pulling back immediately? 3. Rear guards / harassment should be used when pulling back to stall the advance of the enemy. The major problem we had was that we could not effectively use our StuGs - the positioning was no good. A StuG at the crossroads for example could have killed at least 1 M10 crossing the road and might have helped in the fallback, too. Some screenshots: Action in the south east R&R while waiting for the armor/counterattack WTF?!?? Greni and G3A3 do strange things to each other... Armor is here...
  11. Not a squad leader but i can be there and help if needed.
  12. I finally found the time to try this myself. Here is what i did: I use RamDisk Plus from SuperSpeed (Evaluation version available on their website). Setup: - I installed RamDisk Plus and created a 650MB Ramdisk as drive R: - I copied the folder "Battleground Europe" from within "C:\Program Files\CRS\" (Make sure you move/delete all screenshots first to save space) - I created the 2 text files containing the registry keys as described above - I saved a copy of both and edited the path to point to "R:\\BATTLE~1\\" - I copied all 4 .REG files to the root of the Ramdisk (R:) - I saved the whole Ramdisk to my HD using the config tool that comes with it - I created 2 batch files to quickly load/unload my RamDisk when needed (you can have windows load the ramdisk automatically during boot - as i also do other things with my computer besides WWIIOL i don't want a third of my RAM to be occupied all the time by an idle Ramdisk though...) The batch files are: Ramdisk init.cmd @echo off <- cosmetics rdcfg -load C:\SsRd0001.cif -dl R: <- loads the saved image of my ramdisk as drive R: R: <- change to the Ramdisk regedit /S RAM1.reg <- Paste modified keys to the registry without asking silly questions regedit /S RAM2.reg <- Paste modified keys to the registry without asking silly questions Ramdisk remove.cmd @echo off <- cosmetics R: <- change to the Ramdisk regedit /S 1.reg <- Paste original keys to the registry without asking silly questions regedit /S 2.reg <- Paste original keys to the registry without asking silly questions C: <- change to drive C: (HD) rdcfg -rem -q R: <- remove the ramdisk from RAM Play: All i have to do now is launch "Ramdisk init.cmd" (takes 5 seconds) and i can play from ramdisk. All the original game links are working as Playgate stays were it was (on C: ) and WWIIOL is launched from the ramdisk via the changed paths in the registry. Cleaning up: When i am done playing i just launch "Ramdisk remove.cmd" and my RAM is free again... Important: When using the "rdcfg -rem" command to remove the ramdisk as in my batch file you have to make sure you set the ramdisk image file to write protected first - otherwise the image is removed as well as the command tries to delete the file!!! DISCLAIMER: When fiddling with the registry exercise caution and make sure you have appropriate backups - especially when copying info into the registry without warning or confirmation dialogues like in the batch file!!! Notes: - Patches are easily applied: I launch the game from the ramdisk and patch it. Before removing the ramdisk i just need to save it again and remember to set it to write protected again! - If the patch is too big to fit on the ramdisk you can easily patch the HD version and copy the game folder over to the ramdisk again and save it. - Remember to turn off all page files as stated before - if you don't you won't gain anything from the excercise. Results: If you have a fairly decent system (especially a fast HD subsystem) you won't notice that much of a difference in load times - especially the initial loading of the game is not much faster for me. Spawn time is reduced (sometimes significantly). What makes it worth though is that it removes the occassional stutter i experienced ingame before - that is what makes it HIGHLY RECOMENDED for me! It is a smooth ride now without any hickups and that is definitly worth the (small) hassle. Hope this helps anyone out there - feel free to ask if help is needed or my germenglish looks like gibberish to you ;-) Vader666
  13. I just set up a spare PC for the same purpose. I use an S-Video cable and connect my Sapphire X800 GTO2 to an old WinTV TV/capture card in the recording PC. Works like a charm and the quality is not bad. Only problem is my TV-Out won't allow anything beyond 1024x768 (like all gfx cards i know of..) so i cannot play using my standard 1280x1024 when recording. What are you using Gnasche? I was thinking about using the DVI-out on my card but that would require a very expensive HD-capture card afaik and those DVI-to-S-Video solutions won't give me anything >1024x768 either...
  14. Excellent work Brummi! Simply amazing... Glückwunsch!