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  1. Make sure you are running it as an Administrator. This can be done within one of the tabs under the shortcut properties. Or just right click on Play Online and select Run As Administrator
  2. Weird, I have an x45 and windows 7. My only (and kinda major issue) is that the SST software causes an instant BSOD if I try to load a profile. Caused by the fact that the drivers are a kernel mode driver. Should of been a user mode driver, then at least when the driver crashes it doesnt cause the whole of windows to die with it. So if you are using the SST software (the stuff that allows you to bind keyboard and mouse presses to the joystick, its an optional install) try uninstalling it and see it that works. Also microsoft does install default drivers for the x45, if you are using them, go to saitek.com and get the proper drivers.
  3. but, I can sit connected to other mmos, teamspeak, skype calls for days without any connection drop. And when I played back in feb this year a lot, I never got the issue. (I have only recently come back). Internet connections are generally very reliable, even UDP packets. It is not a huge issue, just an irritating one. I will start to .report it. It does only occur at MRP time. I don't get CTHL errors any other time.
  4. Here is my rather simplistic view, smash it to bits if you please. Warfare in the open, i.e not in towns/cities. Is an air power game, with modern planes, with modern radar, and infrared/heat detecting cameras/equipment tanks can do nothing to protect themselves. If you are going to argue against that above statement, prove me wrong. How can you move a tank without air dominance over an area, and todays sensor equipment on planes. How can an enemy tank survive? I't cant. So what are you going to use the tank for? It has no place in the open, in the country side, in the desert, on the steps of russia. Planes will find them, and pop them. Basically open/rural ground for the most part is an air power game. You can't move much, without it being spotted and destroyed. Air power is more crucial and powerful now than it has ever been before. So what else are you going to use a tank for, in city fighting? Thats more a place for AFV/IFV's like the British Warrior or the M2 Bradley. Supporting and moving the troops on the ground in the cities, with street to street, door to door fighting. MBT's in modern warfare are a thing of the past. Like battleships where replaced by aircraft carriers. And in the same way that aircraft carriers and planes are being slowly replaced by long range UAV's and Missile Cruisers/subs.
  5. Me and a squad mate were thinking the same thing noons glad to see it isnt just us.
  6. I would like axis A2A Combat training. Play 1900-midnight GMT+10 (East Coast Australia) or 9:00 to 14:00 GMT weekdays. Weekend availability generally much broader, all day.
  7. Just found that 9.12 is still crashing, much less than the previous driver I was on. Generally about once per hour or so. (Not sure, CCC was not reporting the driver version for some reason).
  8. updated to 9.12 and issue is solved. Playing nice and smooth at 3840x1024
  9. I have just come back to WWIIOL with a fresh build of a machine, almost the exact specs as yours (955 rather than a 965) and I am getting random intermittent graphics lockups/game crashing. So I assume it is the shame issue.
  10. I have always found RAM to be a good cheap upgrade that gets you a lot of real world performance improvements in the general use of your computer. As you only have 32bit Vista you will only see 3-3.5gb of ram in your system due to the limitations of being 32bit, but will probably see a good performance upgrade in the feel of your system, it might not make that much difference to your general FPS in WWIIOL, but things should be a bit snappier to load, help relieve any stuttering that could be caused by the hard drive thrashing the page file. RAM is pretty cheap now a days so that price doesn't seem to fishy. For $40, I would probably do it.
  11. I am using a SoundMax Integrated with my laptop without any issues. I changed the in game settings to Hardware and 32 or 64 channels. If that doesn't fix it for you, head to here: http://forms.analog.com/Form_Pages/soundMAX/soundMAXtechSupport.html and download the latest drivers for your motherboard, after that I am all out of ideas.
  12. Hmmph, your problem sounds a bit weird, I wrote a long winded explanation but after a second read that is not it. Is your second screen turning black even if its just displaying the windows desktop with nothing else on? as that should not be happening, and sounds like a strange setting in CCC, although it has been a while since I owned an ATI card.
  13. That is the setup I have, but I dont have SLI'd or crossfired cards to drive it, just an 8800GTS and an 8400 (for the little 1280x1024 screens). Can you confirm for me that you can successfully drive 3 screens with 2*3870, in horizontal span and play WWIIOL with them? As I thought that this was no really possible due to limitations in the way crossfire and SLI worked. From what I can read that is definantly the case, and would need something like the TripleHead2Go, time to start saving I suppose, and go with 3x19" squares.