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  1. Wow... been gone for 3 years and same things are being asked for by different people that we asked for 15 years ago:)
  2. Not getting an error box but still crashing
  3. I removed 9.9 and wnet back to 9.6 same up to 9.7 same...
  4. Had another Memory error.. checked progrom info in Task Manager when it froze up.. WWIIOL was sitting at 1,875,000 K in the Memory line... plus This is last Log.. Fri Jan 02 02:08:58 1970 network election of 2 addresses: Winner: [Fri Jan 02 02:09:55 1970] Netcode2: Opening [Fri Jan 02 02:09:55 1970] Netcode2: Opened [Fri Jan 02 02:09:57 1970] Netcode2: Established [Fri Jan 02 02:11:21 1970] Netcode2: Disconnecting [Fri Jan 02 02:11:21 1970] Netcode2: Max bps: 0.00 in, 0.00 out [Fri Jan 02 02:11:21 1970] Netcode2: Session Statistics: Bytes sent: 91298 Messages in send buffer: SP:0 HP:0 MP:0 LP:0 Messages sent: SP:41 HP:3 MP:646 LP:0 Message data bytes sent: SP:561 HP:46 MP:413706 LP:0 Message header bytes sent: SP:280 HP:27 MP:8148 LP:0 Message total bytes sent: SP:841 HP:73 MP:59862 LP:0 Bytes received: Ttl:150849 Good:150849 Bad:0 Packets received: Ttl:1206 Good:1206 Bad:0 Acks received: Ttl:0 Good:0 Dup:0 Messages received: Total:572 Valid:572 Invalid:0 Dup:0 Packetloss: 0.0% Packets sent: 1209 Acks sent: 560 Acks in send buffer: 0 Messages waiting for ack: 0 Ack bytes sent: 3491 Sent packets containing only acks: 0 Sent packets w/only acks and resends: 0 Reliable messages resent: 0 Reliable message data bytes resent: 0 Reliable message header bytes resent: 0 Reliable message total bytes resent: 0 Number of messages split: 0 Number of messages unsplit: 690 Message splits performed: 0 Additional encryption bytes: 17 Sequenced messages out of order: 0 Sequenced messages in order: 0 Ordered messages out of order: 0 Ordered messages in of order: 530 Split messages waiting for reassembly: 0 Messages in internal output queue: 0 Inst KBits per second: 8.3 Elapsed time (sec): 85.8 KBits per second sent: 8.5 KBits per second received: 14.1 Bandwith exceeded: 0 [Fri Jan 02 02:11:28 1970] Netcode2: Opening [Fri Jan 02 02:11:28 1970] Netcode2: Opened [Fri Jan 02 02:11:28 1970] Netcode2: Established
  5. usually you have to push either F8 or the Delete key during bootup I think.. not sure which.
  6. This is last crashes log.... Wed Dec 31 21:38:39 1969 network election of 2 addresses: Winner: [Wed Dec 31 21:40:12 1969] Netcode2: Opening [Wed Dec 31 21:40:12 1969] Netcode2: Opened [Wed Dec 31 21:40:13 1969] Netcode2: Established C:\Program Files (x86)\CRS\Battleground Europe\WW2_sse2.exe File version: 1, 30, 3, 255 Program compile time: Aug 27 2009 11:32:36 Date and time: 9/12/2009 23:09:24 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Exception: continuable Exception address: 0x005bd59a Exception tried to: read at address 0x00000000 Exception Registers: DS: 0x0000002b, ES: 0x0000002b, FS: 0x00000053, GS: 0x0000002b EBP: 0x0017fe78, ESP: 0x0017e6fc, SS: 0x0000002b, EIP: 0x005bd59a ESI: 0xc0000005, EDI: 0x0017eab8 EAX: 0xc0000005, EBX: 0x0017fef8, ECX: 0xc0000005, EDX: 0x0017eab8
  7. It will lock up during despawn and when I finally brig in teh Task Manager to get out of it I get a No Memory Error prompt.. Given I have no oddball programs runningin teh background and 6GB or Tri channel Matched RAM plus a 13G page file.. I am going with something farking weird is going on... suggestions? PLus crashing at desktop after about 10-15 min again
  8. Thatnks did all that no help.. then I turned off WindowsDefender in my Vista Ultimate Hime.. played for 2 hours straight... will test again later with it on and see..
  9. My question is how did you get it into windows mode?
  10. It just closes... No error msg just as if I had Alt-F4... Now back tracking everything new installed in last month(since I last played)
  11. hehe.. I just got my new i7 920 running 6GB of tri-chan DDR3 and a HD3870 Crossfire(MB has room for 1 more:).. No problems.. New intel has been awesome so far I never Patch this game when then change numbers.. ie.. 1.28-1.29 ect.. Always do a fresh install and have been since I started playing 7 years ago.. I never have these weird random problems either..
  12. That worked... Thanks.. Now to try it:) Hmm Ok what would be the string to make the other one a window also? Or is one going to be full screen and the other window no matter what? But I had to do this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Playnet\Playgate\PlayGate.exe" 1 1 -window 1 -width 1024 -height 768
  13. Hmm when I do I get this.... "C:\Program Files (x86)\CRS\Battleground Europe\WW2.exe-window 1 -width 1024 -height 768 " followed by a messge when I apply it saying it is an invalid Target box and to check my paths.. ect..
  14. Huh? How do I add that shortcut? Hardware shouldn;t be a problem... Intel Core i7 920 on a board with Crossfire ready HD3870 and 6GB of Tri channel DDR3:) I want to do just what you mentioned.. I have an old acct that is still in teh system I was gong to resub and use for Towing rearming ect... Also any light down the tunnel on gettng a fix for Vista 64-bit so I can use 2 Monitors without the cursor wandering to hell and back off screen? Other then disabling 2nd screen while playing which I do now..