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  1. There is something wrong with the billing. It was like a couple of months / a year ago when I tried to update to hero status, but it failed for some reason, just could not make it. Today I tried to get in the game and I got a note that no-go the billing method has to be updated. Again I tried to to get the hero account, but just can`t make it, the premium ( or what ever the name is) monthly subscription is approved.
  2. Is the game completely down now ? Cant get into game "Unable to open an internet connection to the Authentication server" Cant get into my account page " There was an error processing you request "
  3. Breaking news from Vituixman made Bram lose his balance. Thanks Capco !
  4. Any instructions how to add a screenshot ?
  5. It easy to be wise now afterwards when we know things better, but if we go to your logic we could also say that: That members of the Western allied armed forces like it or not, were allowing the pepugnant and horrific beliefs of the Soviet Communist Party to gain ground. This lead to executions of millions of innocent people and many nations under tyranny for decades. Nations like Albania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. And people seem happy to ignore this fact.
  6. Still happens, when will you fix this ?
  7. I received an invitation for RA and tried to sign up but it did not work out. When I wrote my member name the system claimed that it cant find my game name. When I tried to write my gamename it accepted only first 8 letters while my gamename has 9 letters so I could not go on. Can I have different gamenames for Battleground Europe and RA ?