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  1. Depot garage with proper lighting: Pillbox: "Gun pit": FMS:
  2. Pillboxes and bunkers (both PPOs and regular) do not have any interior shadow. The infantry model stays fully lit while inside.
  3. Ah, that solved it. Thank you!
  4. Hi, bb! I took a look at the key mapper after your response, but I'm not able to find anything that seems to have any effect or that conflicts with shift or w... It's the same key mapping that I've always used. I've used the same cfml folder since... forever. That in itself could be a problem, of course, if something has changed in the way the settings are handled. Not really looking forward to putting in years of tweaks manually, if that is the case...
  5. So... I hardly ever play anymore, but fired the game up today to check it out and the first thing I notice is that I can't sprint properly anymore: Shift + W = absolutely nothing happens. I just stand still. W + Shift = regular sprint. So, if I can sprint depends on in which order I press the keys. That can't be right... Right?
  6. Same thing here. Fps was OK in 1.31 until one of the latest patches. I usually only drop below 20 fps in the very heaviest fights, but now I do so all the time; even when the action isn't very intense. The offline benchmark still shows roughly the same fps as before, but the online experience is very different.
  7. It seems as if big battle FPS is worse with the latest patch (1.31.5) than before. Offline FPS is still about the same (a bit over 50 in .benchremagen), but I hit 15 FPS and below in almost every fight now, whereas in the previous patch (1.31.4) that just happened when things were really hectic.
  8. Had horrible graphics effects at some times. Objects stretching away for ever etc. Think cornflake bug times 100.
  9. Both set to "Application controlled".
  10. No binos: 41 fps With binos: 68 fps Core 2 Duo E6420, 2133 MHz 2 Gb RAM PowerColor 4870, 10.2 drivers Running 1680 * 1050
  11. I have exactly the same problem. It goes away when I enable vertical syncing.
  12. I have the same problem. At Beauvais or some such where there's pretty much nothing to render I reached around 300 fps. It was almost impossible to turn around... Turning on vsync "solves" it...
  13. Micbal: Send an email to
  14. Solojoe: THAT was AWESOME! Everything was just superb. The music, the image quality, the story telling. More, please!
  15. Apparently his name is "nopeichangeditsuckerpsi5"..?