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  1. Yep, its the headphones... children and vaccum cleaners....
  2. I built my first one this fall, VERY EDUCATIONAL, and it was alot of fun. Nothing more fun than turning on and it working
  3. I am using the mobo sound. If i look right at the target, very little sound. turn to the left or right, bionic hearing.
  4. as a safety percaution, i pulled the harddrive and copied the important files to a different machine using the HD as the slave, via safemode and take ownership. That was successful. The rest of the stuff on the drive is crap. I will try the bios reset now.
  5. you dont "join" to spawn at an msp. simply find the mission, make sure the mobile box is check and there you are. Why on earth multicrew a laffly?
  6. If it were only that easy. Safe mode farked too. Went to bios and changed some stuff ... we shall see
  7. I hit disable device for my video card and now all i have is a black screen. How do you enable it again if you cannot see sh@t?
  8. I think wasp is right. I do not believe you can mix like that.
  9. Kvick, I was in the same boat you are in. I followed this article, generally, and upped the vid card to the 6600GT. I'm up to $818, including the moniter. I still need a sound card and a wifi network card. Edit: I had never built a system before and had to learn about agp, pci-e x1, x16, etc. Once i was sure all the parts were compatible, it was easier than cooking a dinner for the family.
  10. bunker duty, 10 and out. {caveat: may be OLD info}
  11. all by myself, spanking it in a field, 30 fps. In town with action 7-10. gforce 3 ti 200
  12. nvidia 6600 256 mg v. nvidia 6600 GT 128mg The 256 is cheaper than the 128. What gives? which is Better for wwiionline?