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  1. I think that has to do with the FRU's and FMS. Since the introduction of these forward spawnpoints has infantry riding on vehicles in general droped dramatically. I believe lots of guys doesn't even know it is possible to ride a tank.
  2. That's e There is no limitation for how many infantrys can ride on one spot on any vehicle. You can easily pack 50 infantry on any vehicle that has a ride function like the Trucks, Transport planes and Tanks. Why would there be a difference for a MC?
  3. So it will be a very fast and small glorified "truck" driving unlimited numbers of infantry on the birdseat behind the driver, armed with a MG? That sounds like an truck on steriods. Cute!
  4. With an alive driver can you drive around not only killing people but also give intel. A truck is much easier to kill off making it real dead.
  5. Eastern front will be the bomb! Can't wait for it.
  6. I agree with the points for setting up spawnable PPOs. Maybe also for GunEmplacements.
  7. This is an awesome idea. It is actually strange that no boat can place spawnable PPOs yet. It it should have come soon after the first FRUs was introduced. This wont not only be an extra for the navyboys. It will add extra dimension for the whole game. The airgame will have more targets too look for and to hunt down. It will also add an extra dimension for the land game. The off-shore area will with this addition be an open threat. Suddenly can the enemy open up a new flank of attack or defense. Great suggestion sir!
  8. I would love to see supply runs with AI trains to the towns just behind the frontline town. It would be great if it would be possible man these trains AA-guns. Can this be done or is it just a pipedream?
  9. More resupply in general is great, and with extended supply range is even better. I think it will generate more team work thinking.
  10. Anything that make the camoflage pattern works better is better for the game. Too many vehicles stands out in an unnatural way.
  11. Trucks as well as guarding CPs and Bunkers should earn lots of points.
  12. I guess I need to clean out my cookies. I don't have this issue.
  13. Great idea, similar as the idea for ATG. Tanks in defensive positions, as well as Bofors and 88s need to be given some cover. There is too few natural covers in the world. This will add some.
  14. I like this idea too. ATG's is too vulnerable since there is a great lack of natural cover compare to real life.
  15. I would love this if it can be done.