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  1. thanks sorella
  2. Good Day Solders, I have come back to WWII Online after many years and want to get the old squad going again. Each member gets a customized banner, like below, to use here in the forums as a sig. Need an XO and members to get things rolling. Cheers, BlownUp Retired CO 2LMD
  3. too bad but no problem see you in game send me a squad invite thanks for the help
  4. I am a long time returning player. I use Oculus Rift and downloaded the Steam version of Battleground Europe WWII Online. I cannot figure out how to login to the steam version with an existing account? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers! BlownUp
  5. I have been away for sometime and I am stuck in low res? Nvidia 1070 high capacity gaming PC. The only thin in my user name is a space between my first and last name. cannot find anything to edit in the wwiiol.xml in the documents dir? ***** Nevermind Fixed this myself **** DUH~! BlownUp
  6. As my real life web business slows down a bit for the summer, I thought I would make another attempt to get the WON squads organized and started. I have added more toys to the website for squad members to be able to freely add all types of media to the site. I am still hoping to get a News squad started for each side. If you are interested in joining the WON squads for either side please shoot me a private message or register at the website and post in the squad forum at WON Cheers,
  7. You heard it! WWII Online News is broadcasting now
  8. Still looking for news correspondents from both sides?
  9. This is a great Idea and actually Registered Users will be able to pick up videos right in there news or article submissions from most popular video sites: Google Video International Google Video Australia Google Video Deutchland (Germany) Google Video Espana (Spain) Google Video France Google Video Italia (Italy) Google Video Nederland (The Netherlands/Holland) Google Video Polska (Poland) Google Video U.K. (United Kingdom/Great Britain) Yahoo! Video YouTube iFilm Vimeo Metacafe Bolt (for Audio & Video) Bofunk Break Jumpcut Current TV Revver College Humor Stickam Krazyshow MySpace Video Code FreeVideoBlog Streetfire Videos Crossroad Videos Dropshots UUme (for chinese speaking users) (for chinese speaking users) Seehaha (for chinese speaking users) QuXiu (for chinese speaking users) (for chinese speaking users) Mofile TV (for chinese speaking users) (for chinese speaking users)I will be putting up a tutorial in the FAQ / Support Section soon for registered users. Cheers,
  10. Hiya! WON is a new News Site for Battleground Europe. If you love to tell war stories, Post your movies & screen shots, report the in-game news and write editorials. WON is for you! Check us out we are new and we are growing and we want you too! Cheers,
  11. We are almost there (5 members) for the axis squad. How about you Allies? Get in on the fun the WON website is looking slick and squaddies will have lots of toys to play with at the site.
  12. Good Idea Hog ... too late to edit so here is the link to WON cheers
  13. Introductory podcast is up and the feed has been submitted to iTunes baby! Today I will dig out my green screen and my old video news costumes hehe. I think we need a visit from the drunk englshman or maybe I'll do the first report from the Al Jezzera office LOL Stay Tuned!