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      WWIIOL NEEDS YOUR HELP   01/19/2017

      Fundraiser 2017 - WWII Online World War II Online has a VERY big year ahead, with an impressive Development Roadmap outlined, and the big release of our game onto the #1 online games distribution portal, "Steam".

      We have started a funding campaign and need YOUR help to achieve these important mission objectives!   Here is a quick overview of what your contribution(s) will be going towards: Project Management software to bolster production and organization. New hardware to prepare for launching on Steam and improving existing services long-term. Supporting our 2017 Development Roadmap objectives. Please support us by going to this link. Several perks for larger donations are shown below:     As always, your continued support is much appreciated. The greatest thing about this game is and always will be the community.   Note: If you want to donate $25 or more, make sure you click on a perk to obtain the items included in it. If you forget to select a perk, send an email to http://support.playnet.com to still get your items.


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  1. Very good imporvements. Kind of small things but very important, please make them happen.
  2. I'm all in. Transports, DD's and FM should all be able to place their own unique FMS/FRU. Since Transporters carry all heavy equipment does it only make sense we can spawn all types of ground equipments from a FMS placed by a Transport. During D-day operation was it army units that was launched in Normandy, not US Marines or Royal Marines. So it makes perfectly sense if Army units could "attach" to these FMS, or be able to spawn the same type of equipment as from an Army Base (AB).
  3. This is a great suggestion. The transports is the Trucks of the sea, able to load rediculous far more then a truck (they carry even far more then a train too). Transport ships should of course have a resupply range just as trucks.
  4. I like the idea of increased resupply distance from these PPO's. Inlcude the FMS too. They should have the same resupply range as the trucks, at least. Preferable even wider range IMHO.
  5. I can't log in to the game. It seems to be something with the server. It won't connect. Is the server down? I was in for a short while and then I was kicked out again. The client works off-line. I run OS X 10.9.5