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  1. Problem also seems to be that there is no upgrade path for the server side of TS2 to TS3 all the channels will need to be redone .....
  2. Nice to hear its in the works..... Thanks Ahwulf
  3. only problem is that TS3 wont connect to a TS2 server :-(
  4. So any indication when the offline Beta will be released for Macs ?
  5. That worked, thank you
  6. Hi all..... Been out of the game for a while and in between playing, I bought a newer iMac. Came back due to upcoming 1.31 release Logged into game for the first time last night on it and I am getting some weird graphic things going on. the sides of buildings and objects are disappearing.....[ sometimes useful though as you can see the pesky germans hiding in the rooms...... :-) ] as well as the weapon/hand textures just showing as Black/Grey My machine is an: imac 24" Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz 4 GB Ram Nvidia GeForce GT130 with 512 MB Ram Running game at 1920x1200x32 All updates as far as I know are applied What setting should I be using for game setup as this machine is better than my old iMac and I did not have any thing like this happening. (and as I don't have it around anymore I cant get the settings I used off it) Thanks for any help jonesw
  7. So Ahwulf ..... does that mean you can put it up on a mirror site and we can all download it :-)
  8. Wanderer has to many posts in a row.....Bump
  9. I only have 1 issue running WW2ol with Vista on my system..... Frame rate is much slower than when I ran XP. Apart from that everything runs fine...... I had to down it a little on the graphic levels though to try and compensate for some of the frame rate loss.
  10. I have the same problem I am a WW2OL Supporter (Advertising Fund) and this program says I am allowed to add a Custom Avatar. The option appeared in my Avatar section but when I try and load one (Max 100x100 or 39.1 kb) it says upload failed. I have tried .BMP .GiF .JPG = all the same error
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