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  1. yes, he did as we were setting ms's and he ended up on my opel
  2. I asked a squaddie about 2 weeks ago and he said he couldn't cause he was f2p
  3. I understand why towing isn't f2p. But, why not creating a troop transporter that can place MSs only? This will help both sides and the game.
  4. for me the .order is enough, but it would be great if the text would be bigger and maybe on top of the chat-text window. also, it would be cool if it appears in the chat-text window with a yellow or green color. this way people would read it more often.
  5. rebel357 >> hate him deeply, but he destroys most of my MSs PS. decided to learn to fly, just to kill you ;-} xohorvath >> he always protects CPs >> guess i killed him a few times and he killed me lilreb39 >> he's always defending too or protecting fb's >> hope to kill you more mate the others must be out of my time zone, nevertheless!S to all
  6. congrats mate
  7. congrats mate
  8. thank you and well done WHIPS and 91st
  9. you can't spawn a tank from an ms's ;-}
  10. is impossible to set ms's to a min distance of 10m or so?
  11. @XOOM sorry was moving and took me a while to get back up. if camp's are working, i'm fine. but for normal training and since we havethe big towns split, it would be great to have each part with a different brigade (brit tank/inf, french tank, inf, axis tank/inf). also ms distance to zero. ok, just checked. it's much better on the training server. but when you do training or a guide, it annoying to have to walk 450m to get to the town or fb. so what i generally do when i update my sapper guide, i place an ms on the future fb, then i blow the fb and this way i'm right there. but naturally it would be great to reduce the ms distance on the camps to 0m. butidunno if that is possible.
  12. Would it be possible to have a town that has a british & french pz brig in it and another one that has an axis? Hard to do things the way the t-server is set up. also, i assume the camps are still bugged?
  13. ifyou like me to help you let me know. we can talk on discord and then do it together.