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  1. hard to say, but it seems to me the wiki is too complicated. i can't find anything in there.
  2. 1st great work new-CRS, seems like they really want to bring that game forward 2nd i take the 2-days for game improvements at any time 3rd why would anyone make a big deal out of $1 (about the money you spend for the 2 days) 4th great picture OHM, but some might not know the time before the i-net
  3. just go into the task manager, process tab, end all the discord.exe processes and relaunch
  4. the major problem for me is, there is no easy access to guides. thewwiionline wiki isn't transparent enough. it would be nice if CRS would send out a guide with the welcome email.
  5. do you use a high resolution screen? did you wait after the start? itlook on my pc as if the start didn't work and about 1-2 min (feels like 5) later the booting process starts.
  6. it only needs to be reduced for a single player, not for a group. 1 min is good for 5 players. my proposal would be: 1 player: 3 min 2 players: 2.5 min 3 players: 2 min 4 players: 1.5 min 5+ players: 1 min
  7. As a lot have issues with Discord I made a quick guide to set it up:
  8. I made a Discord guide, hope it might help a little to use it. I wasn't too enthusiastic about it too, but it's not a bad program and I like the chat function. Guide:
  9. had to do this, same problem. password wrong, then it was ok butgame wouldn't start. deinstalled and reinstalled and all was fine.
  10. It's not only one person zeke, it's a bunch of them in our squad (see kchip). and with the latest patch the issue increased.
  11. sorryxoom, but then 50% of the tank driver must have a connection issue. iregularely kill et's and get about 10% of the kills. andno not only et's that have been tracked. there is an issue with your servers, not the clients.
  12. what is the resolution you have on your screen?
  13. I've noticed this as well, but I didn't pay attention to it. Somehow rifles have a vis advantage.
  14. How about the possibilities to buy vouchers? Could be one month to one year.