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  1. infanterist, where ever needed
  2. Not sure if a mobile AF is a glorified FMS. But, you're right is sounds like it. But it takes planes to fly 10 minutes to a battle, do we really want them closer and all the camping that goes with it? I know I heard about the rats having no programmer, but I can't remember the source or do I like to search for it. Sorry.
  3. If you read the information they sent out, I believe they said they have no programer at the moment. What you mention is graphics and they have people doing that.
  4. I believe there will be a similar amount of players willing to pay this on both sides. So I don't see it as a game winning effect. CRS has no programmer at the moment, so I doubt they can implement something like that. Totally agree, there are enough companies who can do this.
  5. kgarner is also a top HC in this game I agree with nily, axis could give out more medals
  6. Here some ideas you guys could do to generate more income. Additional supply for one Map As you do with the DLC supply, you could charge $25 per map for having additional Sappers Squad Rags Add a Squad Logo to the uniform/equipment. Sell a squad logo for $50 per year and all members of a squad get it on their uniforms Squad Buildings A squad can rent a building on a patch base with their flag on the front. You could implement this in a town of their liking. Just have each big town one or two squad buildings and then change the flag accordingly. Different Uniforms items Most Cell games sell you nice-to-have items. Why not selling 4-fruit colored (right expression?) uniforms to players. Or just a different helm. Charge a one time fee and players can decide their looks. Axis get grey and allies brown possibilities Bunker or Billboard Pictures Have players of companies pay to see their picture or advertising in a bunker or on a billboard. Make Platinum Subscription more attractive Create a special unit just for playtime subscription, e.g. a motorcycle that can place an MS and is faster than a laffy. Or let them build MS's as inf, similar to the HC MS. Just a few quick ideas and curious to see your input.
  7. did you try this? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you're using windows 10, you can try this: >> klick on the cicle icon on the left bottom side of your monitor >> type settings >> you should see (probably under apps) the wwiiol logo and settings in letters to the right >> click on that >> under resolution, set your monitor resolution >> hitsave (bottom left) >> restart game ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if it didn't work or your setting are correct in there, try to change it to normal HD settings 1920x1440 and run the game. if that worked, change them again to your monitor resolution and start game again. this might fix it, if not there must be another bug.
  8. will do, thx pete and sniper
  9. I meant Opel, Laffy, Beddy, Morris and HT. Those are Troop Transporters too. Nothing to do with Ships.
  10. When I bought GOLD status it said, that I will always have access to everything. And, I had that until I left the beta testers. Please explain why now suddenly I'm of the builders Forum?
  11. i have to tell you, when i am on allied side, the axis are coming with p4g as if there is no tomorrow
  12. I don't see a beta forum, probably taken away when I left.
  13. it's hard enough to place an MS in this game, can we please get rid of the "smoke" behind the TT's
  14. Tell all your friends, all vets here and anyone else to watch/subscribe your channel. Once you have +100 subscribers, you might get promoted to the front side and then it goes fast. As for CRS, they could make some ad and get the attention this way. In my understanding, it's not expensive. I like to watch this game, check out this video: Finally, you should give access to the WWII online twitch account for streaming or share streamers on there. Have all streamers give you their account and add them to your friends list. Then you can automate the streams, meaning if someone starts streaming wwiiol you share them on your account. This would be cheap to do (zero) and effective.
  15. You, CRS guys, should create a wwiiol account on Twitch and maybe stream like StreamerHouse all stream over the same channel. But, best would really be to have one with a lot followers present that game to them. Or, at least pay twitch that you'll be in the front.