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  1. As a lot have issues with Discord I made a quick guide to set it up:
  2. When I do my sapper guide or any other guides, I always hated that CRS got rid of the possibility to have a window mode and being able to move the game on my 2nd monitor. So after testing and trying with virtual PCs, I succeeded, but the fps sucked big time. I can do my sapper guide with low fps, but nothing else. So I went back and searched again. Also in this forum, but there is only information dated 2009. I also couldn't find anyone who is interested in doing so, so maybe I'm the only one... Sorry Potthead, I could only manage to do 2 screens solutions and not 5 or 6 ;-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So here is my solution and it works if you follow my steps and have a resolution of 1920x1xxx. Download this program and unzip it: DxWnd Start your 1st wwiiol the normal way Start dxwnd.exe There should be a green dot and the words "wwiiol secondary screen" >> ifnot drag "wwiiol_2nd_Screen.dxw" into the window Start your 2nd wwiiol >> it should open on the 2nd screen I kept the 2nd wwiiol smaller (1600x900), so you could have discourd open on side or other tools. How you change this, see below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your resolution is different then 1920x1080, do the following changes: Start dxwnd.exe Right click on " wwiiol secondary screen", then modify on "Main" you see "Window initial position & size" change that on "Video" you see "Initial resolution" adapt it accordingly click OK Start your 2nd wwiiol This changes have to be done only once if you save them when you close the program (it asks). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let me know if this was helpfull.
  3. ifyou like me to help you let me know. we can talk on discord and then do it together.
  4. Logitech G502, good price and good mouse
  5. @blkhwk8did it work? Also, are you coming on the Axis side, as our ex-CinC changes on Allied side.
  6. I tried that sniper and when you switch the prime screen the game switches to that side. Also this way the game is not full sized and you still can see Discord and other tools. ;-)
  7. I like having 2 screens, cause you can see when you protect something.
  8. Being a GM is frustrating and I get that, but you all do this voluntarily. Don't have to tell you that @BIERBAER. I also know that most frustration comes probably not from cheaters, but from bugs in the game such as the "kill-bug". If players would understand this, there would be less nasty reports. So there are certainly some improvement possibilities. Also, it would be nice to get sometimes some feedback. Finally, also from me: thank you for your GM function
  9. or just attach my 1st day guide or any other one to the download:
  10. see the top of the website, all wwiionline
  11. I assume some players are just lone wolves. Some smaller squad is just easier to get away from. In a bigger squad you have to have an organization and leadership. Player who don't follow have to be kicked out. If you're not willing to follow you are better off in a small squad. Also, as someone mentioned, squad's lost its value with the removal of the squad missions. In 91st we have always players from other squads in our Discord channel and we just play together. Sometimes they join us and sometimes they just play with us. For xoom's point, I'd like to see bigger squads again and I believe smaller squads should consider it. So maybe CRS should create a list with all the squads, their member amount and Timezone. This way squads could search for allies. As Discord isn't going to be enough.
  12. great movie, gratz
  13. Happened to me with the mini map. I had to reinstall and delete everything about the game (incl. the registry) and reinstall.
  14. I created a very simple 1st day-guide. Nothing complicated, just that you have an overview over what's going on and what you should do on your day 1.
  15. nice guide, well made
  16. 7 years, really ???? Unbelievable, I remember when we both have been noobs. 7 years?!? Nice post, interesting.
  17. 4 months later and still not activated?
  18. get rid of HC fixing the lag make the terrain/ graphics better (meaning thiker bushes and better cover, no cardboard walls, ... ) sorry that was 3
  19. hard to say, but it seems to me the wiki is too complicated. i can't find anything in there.
  20. 1st great work new-CRS, seems like they really want to bring that game forward 2nd i take the 2-days for game improvements at any time 3rd why would anyone make a big deal out of $1 (about the money you spend for the 2 days) 4th great picture OHM, but some might not know the time before the i-net
  21. just go into the task manager, process tab, end all the discord.exe processes and relaunch
  22. the major problem for me is, there is no easy access to guides. thewwiionline wiki isn't transparent enough. it would be nice if CRS would send out a guide with the welcome email.
  23. do you use a high resolution screen? did you wait after the start? itlook on my pc as if the start didn't work and about 1-2 min (feels like 5) later the booting process starts.