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  1. Of all the games I have played over my many many many many years. I must say this one still has given me the best "gaming" memories. I remember when i was in HS and i was sitting in the parents kitchen having my old desktop computer on the counter, just so i could hook it up to the dial up and have the patch download over night (didn't want to tie up the phone line during the day..lol). Now I'm going on 33 years old and married. MAN TIME FLYS! Day 1 player. Still remember looking at the German HT picture, while "trying" to log into the game world...lol
  2. Hello, trying game out again. I started right when game began. I still remember downloading the big patch on day 1 to just run the game on my parents 56k.....man that took all nighter...lol I was in high school during that time, now I'm married and been out of college for 10 years. Man it's been a long time!!!!!!
  3. sign me up for JU pilot if that is ok.. Thanks
  4. Unable to launch game with windows 7. Tried to change compability to vista and all the others. No luck. Any suggestions?
  5. Been around since 2001. Like to be in a LW squad that uses tactics and teamspeak to win. Thx!