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  1. Bump for a great squad!
  2. Recently I made the decision to buy a MAC. I bought a Macbook and let me just say, I have never been happier! Talk about a rock solid OS, I have yet to shutdown/restart my laptop in over 2 months-Try that with Windose . Using my old PC laptop, once you "closed" the beast, you never knew if it would wake up or would require pulling the plug (and yes I know about hibernate etc, and all those features were off). If it did awake, you had to wait a week just to get it to "load" everything again. Oh and did I mention Vista!??!! One other thing, I bought my Mac in March so I didn't qualify for the free upgrade to the new OS Snow Leopard, however it will only cost me $29 to upgrade!! Microsoft on the other hand charged me $99 to upgrade from Win98 to XP, etc... Now for playing games, I still have the PC I built running XP. That is all the machine is used for. I continue to upgrade and add new things (TrackingIR) which could present a problem for a Mac.
  3. When you say doubled your frame rate is that compared to Vista or XP?
  4. I have the same monitor and I love it! Also, you are able to play the game at the monitors native settings (2018X1152).
  5. Bump for a Great Squad.....
  6. Also, your old system doesn't look that bad. Can you give me a little more information on your current system? Motherboard-make and model? OS?
  7. Hog, Here are a couple of thoughts based on your $1500 list: 1) CPU: Nice pick! In the age of buying multi core CPU, we can't even use two yet (at least in gaming). Go with clock speed for now! 2) Motherboard: I like the P45 chipset, however ask yourself this question : 1) Will I ever use 2 video cards? If you answer yes and you plan to use Nvidia based cards, Intel does NOT support SLI. Intel only supports Crossfire which is ATI (imho, ATI drivers suck!!) If you answer no, then save yourself some money and buy a board with only 1 PCI-E slot (this board may only have 1 I havent checked). If you plan on using 2 nvidia based cards you will need to buy an nvidia chipset ie 780i, etc. 3) RAM: What OS are you planning to use? Winxp sees and uses a MAX of 2.3gb. Try to buy good ram-Corsair, G. Skill, Micron/cruical. High perfomance speed (1066) needs good quality ram or you will never reach the spec. 4)Video Card: I like the eVGA Geforce GTX260. Look for the one with 216 processing cores. 5) Power supplies--Buy a good name brand--corsair, antec . Also check to see if it is 80 Plus certified (this means more than 80% energy efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load) Hope that helps....
  8. Rebel, From my experience, my squad had someone design a sig for everyone else. You may want to look there if you are in a squad. If not, JOIN ONE
  9. I use the new Samsung 23 inch 2342BWX @ 2048×1152. Truly rocks!!!
  10. I would go with number 4 for several reasons: 1) 216 vs 192 processing cores. In this case more is better! 2) the 216 card (aka 260+ or 260 reloaded) has similar performance to it's older brother the 280. More bang for the buck!! 3) Evga is a great company! Benchmark for call of duty 4: they call the card "260 reloaded".
  11. This question is mainly for those that own an nVidia Chipset MB equiped with dual lan (otherwise known as dualnet). Do you use it or not? Is it worth using??
  12. All you ever need to know about LCDs plus recommendations.
  13. I'm looking into buying an 8ms LCD monitor mainly for WW2. Any suggestions? I like the BenQ FP91G+ (only 249 after rebate @ newegg). Does anyone here use an LCD??