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  1. I earned mine on the other account by bombing with Stukas. You know... back when their were Axis CAS pilots and dedicated CAS squads.
  2. Let’s not delude ourselves in some fantasy that pilots in the early days had to grind their way to higher rank through kills. In the first three or so years of the game’s existence spawning in and sitting on the runway for 10 minutes and then despawning got you 10 points towards rank. A lot folks never took off and earned their way to the top ride. Same thing in tanks by the way.
  3. Killer responded, because he actually recognized that one side with 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 in sorties for the game is a problem. That’s when the policy of noobs only being 1 RDP tier behind came into effect.
  4. Given that my first post about this issue was in 2005 entitled “Give noobs 109s” hoping to rebuild the LW numbers, my solution at this point is to not subscribe until CRS fixes the issue. The issue has been beaten to death and solutions tossed CRS’ way for over a decade now. I can only assume at this point they don’t really care if the air game is competitive. And why should they? The vast majority that this fix would please left the game long ago.
  5. Pretty much spot on.
  6. It doesn’t much matter does it. Most of the LW pilots are gone at this point. There are no more LW squads dedicated to CAS support. The damage has long since been done. I guess the discussion is rather pointless at this point. The game is what it is and it’s not changing.
  7. We time warp units forward in time for the sake of a playable game. We introduce units later in time for the sake of a playable game. We pretend friendly fire never existed for the sake of a playable game. We have entire divisions that move via Star Trek transporters instead on roads that I’m told facilities gameplay. We want to alter the cone of fire to two different states on the same weapon for the sake of a playable game. Yet correcting one of the largest imbalances in gameplay? Babble babble babble lets keep doing the same thing and keep expecting a different result. Insanity. Luckily I don’t have to pay for it.
  8. It doesn’t much matter does it? I and others like me won’t touch this again at all until the LW can compete in a meaningful way to contest the airspace right above AOs. That means a fighter that can turn and provide real support for CAS pilots. The LW is dead. It’s Mingus and a couple other guys now and then. At this point it’s the Axis equivalent of the Tiger imbalance except it’s at year 14. I keep my eye out here but I don’t hold out too much hope for a fix. It’s far more palatable when I’m not spending money on it.
  9. I beg to differ. There are two ways to gain air superiority in WWIIOL. Deplete supply or win the airspace over town. The Axis has only ever had one option. Boom and zoom to deplete supply. TOEs effectively ended that option. You see the results in player numbers.
  10. Yet those imbalances exist on both sides. Due to the capture mechanisms defining the use of very tiny airspace and nearly infinite supply which negates boom and zoom tactics the Axis have had an inability to control airspace directly above towns. The effect has been that the CAS support squads disappeared a long time ago and most of the fighter pilots quit. Sorties at times are 3 to 1 or even 4 to 1 in favor of the Allies. The Axis effectively lost an entire branch of their forces. The only solace was CRS incompetence in the form of HE modeling that allowed air to have a lesser effect. That situation has gone on for over decade. Far longer than the Tiger problem with balance. Yet you don’t seem to mention that issue.
  11. The air game used to have excellent population with epic battles. Sadly over a decade of complete imbalance reduced the numbers to the minuscule number there is left.
  12. I can get better results firing a glock 23 from the range you are shooting. You are simulating a shoulder fired weapon at short range and the weapon can’t get a decent group. It can’t even come close to a good pistol group. As I said, fantasy dispersion to keep the rifle in game relevant. It’s ironic that you will argue this fact given that one of the proposed fixes to the LMG is to simply add fantasy dispersion when it’s fired from the hip. Not adding a weight component to all small arms or adding in a lot more weapon sway while jogging. Nope. Let’s give the weapons themselves a different cone of fire depending on whether they are fired from the hip or deployed. I agree that the LMG needs a fix but some of the proposed fixes are just weak. WWIIOL has a nasty habit of hiding behind “well it’s a game” for some answers and “we’re a historic MIL SIM” for other answers. You talk out both sides of your mouths. Then you wonder why players get upset with you. You’ll time warp vehicles around for the sake of “gameplay” for one side yet offer no help whatsoever for the other side in the air because of “historical accuracy”. Here your willing add fantasy dispersion to a group of weapons because “gameplay”. If tomorrow I asked to make some planes turn a bit better to even up the air game I’ll here absolutely not because “historical accuracy”.
  13. The P38 is the counter to the 190. It's the Axis who have no counterpart to the Allied turn fighters outside of tier 1. Do the game mechanics of fighting right above towns it's an absolute game breaker for the air game. LW squads are for the most part dead. Although this has nothing to do with LMGs.
  14. There are aimed shots in there with the sights right on the target yet you miss the trooper all together. Yet you are extremely close up. How about we go to actual ballistics if want to run with the realism flag. What's going on now is a forced dispersion to keep smgs less accurate that rifles for game purposes.
  15. Would love to see the resulting target on the other end along with the image. The fact is that most people are not accurate with sustained automatic fire outside of a deployed LMG. It’s the whole reason that by the A2 version of the M16 rifle there was only a 3 round burst on the selector lever. Even then every range I went to had 5.56 holes in the baffles from people pulling the trigger too quickly and not resetting between bursts. Here is an article of a guy who can get 5 to 10 rounds bursts made practical at a distance of 10 yards. Your pretty close up at that point. Notice he talks about the difficulty in controlling muzzle rise. https://www.ammoland.com/2017/07/thompson-1928a1-submachine-gun/#axzz5Z8dy8MfQ