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  1. Yes yes!!! Lets make Para's great again!
  2. Hell I still call it Fru...and I ain't stopping!
  3. There is no TEAMSPEAK, we use Discord now. https://www.wwiionline.com/resources#voice-comms
  4. a lot of map left....things need to change.
  5. I have no hearing in my right ear. I have probably less than half in my left......they are too loud sometimes even for me. That being said I have a [censored] time with direction due to my hearing limitations. I'm screwed either way lol. Sound manager you can tinkle with volumes settings, or the volume control. And most headphones these days have volume control too. War is loud, but your ears are important too. Love them, its held me back a lot in my life from what I wanted to do.
  6. I built in January. Its not hard to shut off the services you don't want, just type a search and even in setup it asks you a lot of them if you want them or not. I had a 2500k, and its still a great processor, but I was planning to upgrade for a year and a half and went with a 6600k. Is windows 10 faster.....I mean everything is faster when its new, and i'm using a SSD so yeah it boots in no time. I haven't had too many issues with 10, I always believe that you shouldn't jump on new stuff right away. Give it time to mature and get the kinks out and usually it'll be a great product.
  7. Either due to someone or a computer the Germans fell worse than the Republican Guard did in 91.
  8. How about the 3 foot distance when they shoot it into the ground, we die and they run around gleefully. When someone defends a cp with a rifle grenade already loaded, they know the thing is OP. It might [censored] me off more than the rambo LMG. All the RG's were suppose to be in with new rounds as well in the 2015 roadmap...never happened.
  9. So is the German Shotgun going to be even more ridiculous?
  10. Oh the best lately has been a plink for ai aaa getting a kill credit in planes.
  11. oldabe.net register there. We're still around and kicking [censored].
  12. God no, that would alienate your old base who is the heart and soul of the game. Reset the squads and you could get someone hijacking a day 1 squad who has no affiliation. Would be pointless.....and good long time people would leave. I haven't been around since day 1, but I'm at 10 years, and I can tell you the 101st is the only squad I have ever been in, and outside of starting my own, there is no other squad I would join. The fun, the laughs, the good, the bad its a part of the experience. Sure our numbers have fallen off over the past 4 years, but we have that bond you don't find in many games at all. You can't force people to merge and expect them to be best of friends. You get resentment.....abandonment....and a unknown, but hey it could also work out in the positive, and if people want to merge that is cool too. Point is, don't dictate what people should be doing.......let us play our game, our way, our style with our friends.
  13. Its like a mini forums, even though we have that too.