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  1. worked thanks. I'll let some of my squaddies with the same problem know.
  2. Did a forum search, couldn't find an answer, and others in my squad don't know either. This free rifles old accounts get how do you log into it? I've tried to log in through playgate and it says account not active. Do you have to go through steam or is there a trick? Could easily turn back into a sub, but I wanna see some of the new updates have improved the quality in the past few months I and a few others have hoped for.
  3. AP rounds into gunner is my usual go too. I don't even bother unless I have a clear shot on the entire crew with MG, or mix it up, but i'm almost always thinking AP if I have some.
  4. How does 1 shoot than many rounds, that close, and not get returned fire on?
  5. 2007-101st Airborne.
  6. If you're worried about your keymaps changing...save your cfml file to your desktop, Then put it in after you download the game. Like I said, mine saved over because windows didn't uninstall the user/document file. I'm not a new player, it was a easy fix back to the old way. Crouch, Prone, getting into a vehicle, binos and free look are all that changed from what I can tell.
  7. I mean they changed what? 4 keys...i just changed them back in two seconds to the old way. Easy Peasy.
  8. My CFML files transferred over. I uninstalled on pc before installing the new update, but it doesn't delete your user/yourname/documents/battlegroundeurope folder. It remained, thus transferred just fine. They did update some keymaps for the infantry so its like "other games" but its a easy change back, which I did promptly. Infact I change other games to this games format more times than not.
  9. Thanks for the hard work and update. Will say missed opportunity to add the M1 Carbine. (There were more Carbine's built during ww2 than Garands.)
  10. yeah same issue with me. Sadness overwhelms me.
  11. Just seen The Facebook post. Thanks!
  12. Maybe? Possibly? Maybe not? Maybe never? Maybe forever? Thanks in advance.
  13. If you're talking about the map I've been getting the bug the last 2 years once in awhile. A game restart fixes it for me.
  14. We get it with this one and the other post...you're proud of yourself. Congrats. We're happy for ya. Some of ya'll take this all way too seriously. Go outside, go for a walk. As frustrating as this game can be, always remember...its just a game.
  15. Yes yes!!! Lets make Para's great again!