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  1. Game loads fine, then at the very end, just as it's going to show the "choose personna" screen, screen goes blank, "LOGGIN FINISHED" message comes up and I immediately CTD. Here's what I did, keep in mind that EVERY step listed below was followed by a full computer, modem and router reboot!! 1- Redownloaded the patch TWICE... NADA 2- Redownloaded the entire game... NADA 3- Reinstalled DivX9... NADA 4- Reinstalled Vid Card OMEGA drivers... NADA 5- Fully disinstalled and reinstalled game AGAIN... NADA 5- At advice of squaddie, got rid of OMEGA DRIVERS and went back to Vid Card original drivers, logged right in to play... 6- CTD'd after a short hour... Cannot go back in at all! Why does crap like this happen at every 2nd or 3rd patch? Please? Quality control mean anything to you guys?