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  1. We should check if the forum naughty word filter has been updated. - Chickenpit - Cirbody fluidstance
  2. Special titles can be earned in OT.... If you work hard enough for it.
  3. Great! Will definetly try this out.
  4. oh, hi
  5. And we sat down for a beer, talking about how the game was going. Pictures were taken, and everything was cozy. Then I woke up with a giant erection, and saw the invite on facebook for campaign 111. What are the odds?
  6. This guy. Lots of people everywhere. It was beautiful.
  7. We need to get word to OT that we are here, but obviously we can't get past the receptionist. How about we go in the Support Forum, and start spewing OT; then Mods usually move the offending posts TO OT, carrying in our call for help. Clever?
  8. If anyone can talk us into OT, he'd be the guy.
  9. Cool. Pay for me too, and I'll give a round of hookers at the airport
  10. I believe there was mention of cake?
  11. Whenever i look at the map, and use middle mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and close the map, then the weapons selector goes off at 100mph. And it just doesn't stop. Its like its thinking im scrolling the mouse wheel at olympic athlete speed. Any workarounds for this?
  12. Thanks for the answers The mouse worked fine in windows I rebooted the machine, and that fixed it in BE also. Weird. Mousedriver foo perhaps.
  13. You would dó that In the bios. Depending on your mothervoard you just mash F12 or DELETE right after power on. And look for something called boot sequence
  14. Get a 300gb solid state Intel disk to use as boot device, and install only primary Apps on it. Costs 300$ or something Like that. I did that recently to my 5 year old xp box, that used to chug along , spending 5 minutes to load the game, and 10 to boot. Now it starts In 30 secs, and loads game In 20. Fps almost never below 40, with just 2Gb ram, and a 2,4ghz dual core old School pentium.
  15. Did you try a different usb port. I Think vamp is right on this one, but sometimes on older equipment, there were several different usb hubs of differing capabilities In a machine