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  1. CTHL still here. Got it twice in a row now. It didn't record the missions this time... EDIT: It DID record it
  2. 2 CTHLs now after the server fix. It's the "2b" version (World CTHL) which also records your mission after you lost connection to server. It happens suddenly with NO warning...
  3. GAme just freezes with no warning (like other planes hovering away to their last moving direction), nothing, everything just stopps and 30seconds later you get the connection to host lost message. Click ok and it boots you to windows. 2 strange things. 1)It happened twice at the EAXCT same time as my squadmate. 2) it records your mission as res or mia.
  4. Almost every mission now. CTHL. How are we supposed to fight when the game boots you even before getting to a target area? Funny thing is, it records the mission as RES... WTF is going on with this game