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  1. Couldn't agree more with this, the improvement is unbelievably obvious as I've just recently upgraded to a 1440p monitor.
  2. I really like the idea of this. Opens up a lot more of the map instead of just around towns for skirmishes whether infantry or Armoured. Adds a lot of potential.
  3. Dunno, it's a fair point that Raf had way mure hurrees, so why not in game? Same level of historical accuracy should be applied to all branches of both sides
  4. This sounds like Axis must be spot on in the spawn lists and all spawn list issues are planted on the allied side? Axis player Ian? Maybe CRS should go with accurate GNP and everything else that was mentioned that is ignored to try to create historical flavoured but yet fair equipment list. Me, I'm waiting for 1.36 and seeing how that effects gameplay and equipment lists and what number changes comes from that. There has to be a quantifiable standpoint for equipment lists and 80 years ago is pretty much the same as today. You get what you pay for. Would you pay £100,000 for an Aston Martin and the same for a Ford Mondeo? The answer is probably no! So why is the Aston so much more expensive? It's built to a much higher quality. If you put an average 80 year old behind the wheel of both, they will be driven the same way. How effective they both are depend on who uses them (completely subjective). Exactly the same way for "combat effectiveness"
  5. I have got this same issue.
  6. I had this happen in Allies a week or two back, called out the idiots who were sandbagging the spawn point on an MPS (making it impossible to get an ATG out to defend the MPs on an approaching panzer). Got told that I'm an idiot because I said putting sandbags on the spawn point is the dumbest thing you can do in a position that needs to be defended. Lost the MPs! words fail me!
  7. Why not make division numbers dependant on how much ground the French and British have when tier 3 starts. So if there is hardly any of France left in Allies hands (insert some % here) and choose how any divisions the French and Brits would have, and supplement the rest with Americans. So (God forbid) Allies are winning, there won't be as many US divisions about as less would be needed to reinforce. Just a thought
  8. Cheers Choad , wasn't sure if this is the case.
  9. So, this mat be something I've missed as not taken note of what happens to equipment on tier change, mainly because I've not been on much this campaign and if I have Ive been face down in rubble, even with a German lying on me once, but he knifed me, so probably deserved their fumble in the rubble! Do Brigade equipment get replaced with upgraded equipment on tier change, or is there an overlap? So actual flag equipment remaining (I. E. 56 of 150 rifles) stays with the brigade untill used up alongside the new upgraded their rifle, or does it just get replaced?
  10. It was
  11. Way to go foe. Shame I missed this action.
  12. Completely forgot you can cap and hold CP points with a matty.
  13. Could not agree more. Majority of the folk complaining about toys are the ones who have one track minds and are incapable of overcome the smallest of odds or able to adapt to an enemy unless they have the exactly the same toy. Seems hitting the forums is easier.