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  1. also the edges of buildings are more pixelated with the new release. i have fiddled with all my settings but it doesnt go away. roofs and trucks and some ground tiles all have pixelated edges instead of straight lines
  2. I asked to be placed on STUKA list please place me before all positions are taken
  3. id like to be a ju87 not bothered which wave
  4. i use an xbox 360 controller instead of a joystick, however when fighting in the air it is very difficult to hold the target steady on a tank or plane etc. does anyone else use one and has managed to sort out sensitivity? or can anyone help me sort out the sensitivity? thank you
  5. yes i did - i also isolated both PC and Monitor from the mains - it must be the vid card. have to get a new one - maybe some more ram too
  6. sorry i didnt realise i had postd it in the wrong forum. i hope it isnt my vid card
  7. i was playing BE yesterday and my PC crashed. i had to restart it because it had frozen and as it was booting the monitor just remained in standby mode. my PC runs, and the monitor works (as i tested it on my flatmates PC). however my comp is running quieter, both fans are working but the power supply isnt as loud as normal. anyway i had to move back to my dads house for a month and i need this game to survive his lectures etc. so... has anybody had the same problem? or does anyone know what the problem is, and a remedy? thanks (P.s im typing this on my dads basic laptop)