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  1. The plan was put forth by Leanderj and WHIPS along with some other squads pulled off the assault. It was a much more daring attack than it may sound like. We were literally only going to do one para drop on Ramsgate and just have some fun. But the reaction from the Allied forces wasn't there and so we capped the whole thing.
  2. !S and RIP. Keysie was one of the first people I interacted with when I went allied a few maps ago. Always loved playing with her and am very sad to hear this. !S
  3. So we all know engineers can repair AI and bridges, but what about repairing objects? If they could repair flag buildings, FBs, or things such as that, it could add a bit more to the gameplay of the engineer. Thoughts?
  4. !S I knew Buck for quite a while. The game won't be the same. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.
  5. Greetings and Salutations! I'm an oldie (but hopefully still a goodie!) who has decided to come back for a month to see how the game has changed and am looking for a squad to run with while I'm back so I can get the best feel for it. I'm a decent CAS pilot and also enjoy running around on the ground some. Are there any Axis squads that would be willing to have me run with them for a while to see if I want to hang around? Thanks!!
  6. I just upgraded my vid card to a GeForce 9800GT and am running driver version When I go to the settings, I can change the resolution in game to any setting, but when I launch the game, it does not seem to change. I can only see about half the screen and it has shifted down and to the right. I'm also running Vista Business, but I had no problems before the vid card update. Any ideas?
  7. Ok the fix for me was to go to the Classic theme in Vista. Worked as soon as I did it
  8. Ok... here is the issue. The game is running ok, not great, but ok. I'm getting roughly 10-20 fps in the air near fights. However, I would like to attempt to improve that as much as I can. Here is my settings for everything: Athlon XP 2200+ 1.5 Gig RAM Radeon 9550 with 256 RAM Audigy LS sound card Game settings (if not shown, its not checked): Video: 1280x1024 (optimal res for flat panel) No Frame Run Ahead No Lock to Refresh Sound: Audigy chosen in sound card Enable Sounds 3d Sounds 64 Maximum Ambient Never Special FX: Clear Viewport Show Game Info Shadow = none Distance = far HUD = all Bullet Holes = 16 Suppress Muzzle Smoke Suppress Tracer Smoke LOD Field of View LOD Limit per Frame Visual Effects: Dithering Texture Reduction Enable Specular Enable Multi-texturing Gouraud Shading Disable shaders on water Medim Player Limit Misc: Disable Radial Clutter Trees: Third from Near on both Standard Tree Resolution User Vertex shaders Video RAM What I am wanting is just to tweak this out as best I can for some more performace. Any suggestions?
  9. Ok... here is my problem. When I am in game, I cannot distinguish directional sounds. For example, if I am looking straight at a tank, I'll hear it ok. If I look left, I hear it louder. If it look right, I cant hear it at all. I have my settings at: 3D sounds speakers set to headphones (which I am wearing) update sound drivers for audigy Any suggestions?
  10. I'll reinstall DX9c first and see what happens. Also, in 2D sounds, it gets worse