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  1. Thanks for sharing, I will try this.
  2. I get that a lot when taking many screenshots.
  3. It's really easy to build it yourself and you'll be 100x times happier with it ---> http://buildyourowncomputer.zuics.com
  4. The higher the resolution the more size each frame is gonna be so obviously at some point it's going to exceed 250mb for a playable framerate.
  5. Nice vid! As usual I'm not in it! Not even in the beginning because my wireless joystick did not want to connect so I came out of the harbour a little after everyone else. Killed an enemy destroyer though.
  6. How do you turn the rudder off in aircraft? I have a twist-rudder joystick and it's really annoying when I move the rudder by mistake. Hunting a Havoc in a 110 at <100m is impossible. I can't find rudder axis in the keymap, there is something about the rudder under the controller tab but I don't understand how it works. I would still like to keep the rudder but on the keyboard instead, maybe on Z and X same as breakes, if possible.
  7. Actually that didn't do what you descried that it would. This is really strange. Everyone sais the green lines are for deadband but I found a solution and I didn't need to touch them. I simply moved the little red dot a bit to the right. Yes that's it. Now the rudder doesn't take effect until I twist it more than half way. Thanks for the help!
  8. I read some of that but I'm not sure I understood it. Think it's supposed to be like this: I'm not sure if I can feel any difference. Is it correct?
  9. I know it's a bit late but I haven't got anything better to do tonight. Put me on a Axis DD if they're not full.
  10. That last thing sounds good. There are 3 rudder axis in the list under the controller tab: Rudder X Axis, Rudder Y Axis and Rudder Z Axis. Which one should I do this in? I tried moving the left green bar in all 3 close to the red dot in the middle but didn't notice any difference.
  11. Aha thanks! It's so much better to fly with it off but I realise there are a few situations I need it. Since it is an axis there's no way to set it to keyboard buttons, right?
  12. This might be helpful: Build Your Own Computer : Step-by-Step Guide
  13. How to fix stutters: http://buildyourowncomputer.zuics.com/
  14. We were told to stay hidden and wait for the enemy to come to us since the time limit when we would win was getting close. Besides that, I was last one inside the town so I thought it would be good idea to get into a position where I had a good view and maybe get a kill. Didn't get any during the event. I was watching the stairs but somehow you got up there the 2 seconds I was watching the map. Anyway I enjoyed it and I'll definitely participate in next event as well (this was my first one).
  15. Nice vid! Only part I'm in is when I'm laying dead on top of a building.
  16. Need help with this. I've just built a new computer and everything is great except one thing. When the computer reboots (for example when a program does an automatic reboot or when exiting BIOS) the monitor goes into standby mode. When that has happened and I pull the DVI cable it sais no input and when I put it back in it goes back into standby. I have to manually shut the computer down by pressing the power button every time. Anyone know what could cause this? I'm sure the problem is not the monitor. Could it be something wrong with the graphics card? The graphics card is a BFG 8800GTS OC2 640mb. Any help appreciated!
  17. I had the computer running but the monitor off when I was away for while and now the monitor is in standby again. Meaning it goes into standby whenever it stops having something on the screen. The only time it goes on is when I push the power button to start the computer up. Strange. Another thing I just noticed is that the reset button on the front of the computer is not working. Could this have something to do with it? I'll see if I've connected the cable worng or something. EDIT- does not seem to be the reset button causing this.
  18. Only forum I'm on atm but you people seem to know much about this kind of stuff. I have a Zalman 600W power supply and a Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus motherboard. It's my first time building a computer and pretty much everything is put together but I have a problem. The power cables from the PSU are confusing and the manuals don't say anything about which one's to use. There is one 20-pin and one 4-pin connector, these two bunches of cables are tied together. On the 4-pin connector there's a note saying "Warning! Do not connect this cable with the 4-pin ATX12V connector. Doing so can damage the motherboard and CPU". These 2 connectors seems to fit into a 24-pin plug on the motherboard. There's also a 4-pin connector marked "P2" which I think should go into a plug marked ATX12V. Beside this plug there's another 4-pin one that is covered by a piece of plastic. Tied to the connector is another connector that looks the same which I think should go in that second plug. So it's both a 4-pin and a 8-pin if you remove the cover. Looking this up on wikipedia it seems to be called EPS12V. To sum it up, I've got 4 different connectors. One 20-pin and one 4-pin that goes into the same plug. 2 4-pin connectors that goes into 2 plugs next to each other forming a 8-pin plug. Now, which of these should I use? All of them? I don't dare to do anything because of the little warning sticker on the first 4-pin connector. Any help appreciated.
  19. After lots and lots of searching I stumbled across this thread, seems like a common misunderstanding. From what I understand, I should connect all the cables. Can someone who knows what he's talking about please confirm this? http://www.jonnyguru.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1968
  20. There's a 24-pin on the motherboard. The PSU has one cable with 20 and one cable with 4 pins. Those 2 cables are attached to each other and can both go into the 24-pin. It's the 4-pin of those two that has the warning sticker. From the PSU there are three bunches of cables coming out. 1. The first one is what I mentioned above (20 pin + 4 pin = 24 pin). 2. The second one is: 4 pin + 4 pin. 3. The third one is marked PCI-E and is probably for connecting to the vid card. (6 pin) It's the 2 first that I'm confused about. The warning seems to say that I should not connect one of the 4-pin in the second bunch to the ATX12V at the same time as the 4-pin in the 24-pin plug. Why not? And which should I connect?
  21. I'm considering buying a Samsung 226BW 22" monitor (if I can find one that has a S-panel). I've read that the game does not support wide screen resolutions and that I may end up with 2 black borders on the sides. Alternatively it seems to be possible to have the game stretched wider which would make the it look a bit odd. Anyone playing it on a wide screen? Is it annoying? Any pics of this?
  22. I've already bought the Samsung 226BW and I really could not be happier! The colours are AMAZING. I was looking for an S version but my one is unmarked, yes seriously, and the same thing in the hidden service menu, but if it's any version it's definitely a S. Actually I have the same luxury problems with high brightness and contrast as you. Also HDCP ready. No problem with WWIIOL except misplaced items like objects on the map or in the UI. Is bigger better? Of course it's nice with a big monitor but this is definitely big enough for me now.
  23. great! thanks!
  24. Happens every time I span within 10 seconds and my fps drops from like 100 to average 10 at the same time. Been looking for a way to prevent it from failing but from what I've heard opening firewall ports changes nothing.