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  1. It is so rediculus, there is a difference between steam- and organicplayers. DLC is meant to create income. How bad must the situation be, to not be able to offer the same to all?
  2. FTP has been downgraded since it was introduced. As it was started you have been able to get ur hand on older tanks and planes that still could fight (the more new stuff was researched, the more was downgraded to FTP level). CRS changed that. US troops not even offer AAA or AT guns to FTP. May it be the lack of money or simple misjudgement, the option to attract FTP-players through a good gamefeeling, huge numbers and intense massive multiplayer simulation combat and get em into payed subscribtion will again be lost... as so often in the past. The game was really great, but attraction fades year by year. Too sad.
  3. Recently I was showing the game to a new player that had just made himself a FTP account. The funny thing with that was, he was able to multicrew my Panhard, but not to multicrew a M10 for some reason. Is there some kind of rankbased restriction for FTP accounts with multicrewing??? If so it would be nice to get an overview.
  4. I spoke on sunday to Xoom about exactly this issue. He'll forward it to Doc. Ww2ol/BGE is not as attractive to those who try it for the first time, as it could be. It is perfect for those playing combatflightsimulations, tanksimulations and like casual groundcombat (FPS style of gaming). But it does score as a whole and not with infantry only. Better to give those new players the chance to like the game by trying all aspects of the game. If they like the game, they will subscribe. If they find the game non attractive they uninstall.
  5. We have to wait and hope. Sooner or maybe later it'll work again.
  6. @Greni: The activation emails are not sent, so imho theres not link at all. Have the same problem showing the game to s.o. I do hope the accountinformation itself was stored, otherwise there might be a lot of emails and names taken, never seen that linkmail. Hope they'll fix that soon.