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  1. Thanks for that. I did copy the CFML files across to the WWIIOL folder and deleted the BE ones. I will do a search and destroy on any remaining BE references.
  2. Thanks, Xoom much appreciated.
  3. With all the emails coming thru about the new billing system, I went into it and it has paid the annual subscription which I thought had changed to monthly. I hope I won't be charged monthly as well.
  4. Should all references to Battleground Europe (BE) be gone from my computer? I am still seeing BE in the registry, can these be safely deleted now? I also deleted the existing WWIIOnline program and then d/l the new install but I get a message on starting that there is an old settings and do I want to use them (I said no). Where are the old settings so I can delete them?
  5. Downloaded the complete program and was able to log in OK.
  6. When I try again it still goes to the update and tries to patch again but it is failing to backup all the playarc.ww2 files and although it says finished it still goes to the patchserver again and runs the same patch with the same result. It is the same for either server, main or training.
  7. I just tried to log in (the old way not steam) and it started an update but it failed saying it was trying to copy backup files and they would not backup.
  8. New players can sign up on steam and play from there. How will us existing playgate users get on to steam. Will steam users and Playgate users all be on the same server?
  9. Servers must be down I had unable to connect also.
  10. I would like to man a gun on one of the ships please, if there is an available spot.
  11. I would also like to be crew on a ship if someone is looking for a gunner.
  12. Well I couldn't see why/how it would work but it does!!!! I pulled one stick, tried the file I had D/L & install it did. I still cant believe it. Thanks for your help fellas. .........walks away shaking head.....turns back.....asks..... will it still work if I put the other RAM back in?
  13. Rebooted but that didnt make any difference. Tried the 190 to 191 but then I had an error, invalid version of playarc.w2s, which makes sense cos I no longer have the 1.19.0 version but now have the 1.19.1 one. I dont fancy playing around in bios with timings , I wouldnt know what to set them to anyway. It appears I dont have a 1.19 download, the latest one appears to be about 1.17.X, & I have patched up since then
  14. I have been away for a month, so I logged in to update the game & got 1.19.1, which updated OK. Then I set it going again & D/L 1.19.2. When this was installed I got an error message - playarc.w2v is not a valid previous version - and the update did not go ahead. Anyone know how to fix this? I need my WWIIOnline fix & cant wait til the new CD version comes out. I am only on dial-up still so I would rather not try to D/L the whole program from scratch. BTW I think those were the right version numbers.