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  1. that's not true, I was able to use all of the buttons on the stick when I had it. Make sure you install the software that comes with the stick. If nothing else, you can assign the keys for things you want to do to your profile, so in essence you would hit the numpad 5 when you hit the joystick 8 button.
  2. I've been running XP religiously for almost 10 years now. Just this evening, my computer died (windows config file is corrupted). Since I am going to be reinstalling windows anyway I was wondering if there are any wwiio players out there using it and if they think it is worth upgrading from XP for?
  3. Looking for a dedicated LW squad (but will play anything). Would like to fly formations and use real wingman squadron tactics. Please pm me if you are looking to recruit! [EDIT] i'm not longer in the 85th, i just love the sig lol [EDIT]
  4. Still looking for paras to join this highly trained unit!
  5. Still looking for serious paratroopers. Get into the game!
  6. Been playing on and off for 2 year or so. Like playing KM, LW, and Army. I am really just looking for a US based time zone squad that employs some solid teamwork and communications. Thanks for any help!
  7. I would be very interested in trying out for the unit.
  8. I just signed up with you guys, think i put the wrong group ID in for my Teamspeak request but we can worry about that later. Looking forward to working with all of you guys!