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  1. You have more guts than me ahwulf. Trying to play 1.26 on my Mac is just sad. I'll give it another try when they release 1.27.
  2. Maybe it's just the added stress of playing in the live game but the gameplay feels twice as bad as it did in the beta. These framerates make me feel like a scarecrow standing in the middle of the field waiting to be shot.
  3. On a very unrelated note I was wondering if anyone can explain what the white dashed line is indicating in the game info window (below the fps and time). I've heard it relates to ping times, but I can't figure how to interpret it.
  4. I'm in agreement with abidubi, you can use a program like ATIaccelerator to try and overclock your video card, but you probably won't notice any difference in a game. The OpenGL extensions in 10.4 for gaming aren't very good, and that's a big improvement from previous versions. It's all optimized for "work" things like 3D rendering, video compositing, and stuff like that. The big hope with 10.5 is that they'll finally clean up the gaming extensions and then we'll see our video cards actually getting used.
  5. Same thing with my iMac G5 Radeon9600, I commented to a similar effect in the game testing forum. Really when seeing a new texture for the first time fps drops off to 3-7fps from 20-30fps before. Less common textures (church, sheep, unusual bldgs) seem to cause it more, and it's much more frequent when you're nearer the texture. Got the same effect with inf and tanks. Binocs on seem to lessen the problem, but it may just be the fps is already lower since it's zoomed in. Eersel + Church + Closeup + Sheep = Baaaaaaaaaaaad.
  6. Empty FB: 25-30 fps Small Town or Minimal Air: 15-25 fps Big City, Large Fight: 3-9 fps I'm using the lowest quality settings I can, the only "extra" is 128 sounds. Changing from 1152X720 to the native 1440X900 rez doesn't seem to make any difference either. 1.24 was playable, but now coming back to 1.25 is really bad, especially with trying to do something crazy like fly in a big battle, that's about 0-3fps. I guess I'll just cross my fingers for 1.26. iMac G5 17" 2Ghz w/ 1Gb ram Radeon 9600 w/ 128Mb vram Mac OS X 10.4.9
  7. A minor bug I noticed. Going into a mission and then selecting a vehicle that you don't have the rank to use causes a "can't reserve vehicle" message to popup. Once you dismiss the popup the Begin Mission button is greyed out and stays that way even if you click the Cancel Reservation button or select another vehicle. The only fix is to back completely out of the brigade and then re-enter the brigade.