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  1. My stats haven't changed as of june 22
  2. Try running the ww2_sse2.exe in vista mode. or the ww2_x86.exe in vista mode.
  3. I've talked to some hardcore gammers a while back, they all said AMD. But now I hear both are doing well.
  4. Same thing both online and off ? I to use Win7RC and I have it playable.
  5. Were getting closer,, were out of bata mode and now running Win7RC. I to haven't had a problem with Win7 ( no more then XP ). But Win7 Beta that was a pain.
  6. If your using Vista you have to run the game in admin mode,, if you are using Win7 run it in Vista compat + Admin mode. Hope that helps
  7. I too have this going on,, the only thing that helped me was to go to my video card settings and turn everything off !! Not much use having a nice video card if you have to turn it all off. But that is what worked for me.
  8. Hi, I just went through this,,, I set my sound to software ( trying everything to get better FPS ) and noticed next to no sound straight foward. If I moved just a little left or right I could hear. I set my audio back to hardware and everything is back to normal. ( but still bad FPS ). I hope this helps. G/L S!
  9. Took a wild shot and tried something,, I went to crs folder, settings, and changed server to secondary and got in. This may work, I'll let you know
  10. Well that lasted about 2 min, and server went down again !!!
  11. Yep, I'm back in,,, Thanks S!
  12. I just read on the main page ( tweeter ) they worked on it for 16 hours and are going to bed and will fix whats broken tomarrow. I guess were SOL tonight guys.
  13. Hello, I'm also using the X52 but I didn't need to remap the x/y at all. Default worked fine. All I did was put shifting on the right stick and gas on the left. I did change sec. fire to a new button but you can put it where you like it. By the way I don't try to use the program software that came with the X52. The game remaps fine for what I want. Good luck
  14. I had the same thing,, and had to run it in vista mode and that worked.
  15. 1) What is your Operation System? XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 (build 2600) 2) What is your CPU? 3.00 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3) How much system RAM do you have? 2048 Megabytes 4) What is your Graphics/Video Card? NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 4a) How much video RAM does it have? 320 meg. 4b) Are the Drivers up to date? Yes 5) Does this happen Online AND Offline? On line only 6) Does it happen for all unit types? No * Infantry: Yes * Armor/Trucks:No * Aircraft:No * Ships:No 7) Does it happen at all locations?Yes,, Mainly if I despawn in a Rescue or MIA. 8)Do you have SSE2 or Netcode2 enabled? Yes on both