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  1. instead of money give them toys ,a headquarters creature that they can place somewhere, personal vehicles, aircraft, tactical and strategic reserves outside of normal supply, artillery, recon radar and radio intercept so they can listen to or find enemy headquarters, spies anything u can think of, and if u give them toys they will get staff to run it.
  2. biggest waste of money was supporting the russians. we should of let them beat each other until both had nothing left then england might have been able to beat germany with just us aid.
  3. the soviet alliance with germany most expensive piece of paper ever. no allience no attack on poland no ww2 in 1939
  4. spent 3yrs in vietnam era army we were never at table strength. always shorthanded and the closer u got to harms way the more short handed u got. the same goes for supplies, being short of water and food was common for infantry and occasional for artillery at fire bases. this was a rich country's army. to and e is always an approximation especially for german divisions after 1942.
  5. give me an fmb ice
  6. My father joined the calvary in 1939. He saw them at a country fair. He was impressed by the horses and uniforms and wanted to be a part of that. They switched over to motorcycles which was fine with him because of the fun and how they impressed girls. Time passed and he found himself pushing his motorcycle off a landing craft in algiers in north africa unfortunately the water was too deep and he was on foot. he never talked about north africa much,said the wine was good and abundant. Next he goes to sicily. Italy was a nightmare and a learning experience for him and the first infantry division. Mentioned that he would rather be doing recon than participating in an organized operation.Google triona. Then off to england and training for d day. Second wave on d day, didnt talk much about that either. He didnt have much to say about about crossing france or the battle of the bulge. Was wounded hunting tanks with a bazooka. Seems like they did that for fun. The end of the war in germany was both sad and exciting. as recon guys they captured whole towns with a platoon without firing a shot. They also ran into diehards. One story i will never forget. they spotted a at gun from their scout car. A old guy was shouting instructions to the crew from the manual he had in his hand. They put a few rounds over their heads thinking they would surrender but they continued so they gunned them down. I asked him once how many of the guys he started out with were left at the end he said maybe 2. he ended the war as a first sargeant wirh multiple silver and bronze stars and a purple heart. He could not be a civilian at this time in his life and stayed in the military. he was badly wounded in korea and thanks to chesty puller and his marines was evacuated from choisan airfield. I thougt my father was special guy which he was but there were alot of guys out there with the same experiences. I met a neighbor of my wifes family Sam Velony whos war was very similar to my fathers. He also finished a decorated first sargeant but got out and went on to a successful career as a general contractor. My father in law was a b25 crewman with the marines. he would not speak of his war at all. I have a feeling they often hauled casualtys in that plane. Unfortunately they are all gone now and i miss them.